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    How is a container lifted?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 18-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    1. Containers have brought numerous benefits to optimizing processes in the global logistics chain, but there are times within that chain of processes when container handling is not as simple as it seems and can cause both operational and safety headaches. Here are some tips we offer to avoid these problems.

    2. How to Lift an empty container

    3. How to Lift a loaded container

    4. How to Important notes to keep in mind

    A typical example is when containers are lifted before being loaded onto a lorry or unloaded and emptied onto the ground when they get to their destination. There is an ISO standard for this: ISO-3874.

    Which method should be adopted to lift a container is up to whether it is an empty or loaded container lifting. Choosing the correct tool and methods to handle this load is essential to prevent accidents in container terminals and ships.

    Lift an empty container

    1. If the container is empty, we can raise it in 4 different ways:

    – From the Upper Corners

    – Direct shot using chains and a vertical lifting hammer GE-11 in each.

    – Oblique shot: from an upper hook, using chains and a GE-11 vertical lifting hammer in each.

    – Using a BA-350-type spreader

    – From the bottom corners

    – Using a BA-008EC-type Rocker together with the GE-34C side hammers

    – Using other lifting means such as forklifts that can be adapted to the width of the tunnels located at the base of some containers and ECH (Empty Container Handlers) that use the upper corners from one of the wide sides of the container

    Lift a loaded container

    2.- For a fully loaded container, the operation is more complex and the lifting options are reduced. Thus, we can only do it safely in three different ways

    – From the lower corners using a BA-008EC-type Rocker together with the GE-34C side hammers

    – From the upper corners using a BA-350 Spreader– From the upper corners directly using chains and a GE-11 vertical lifting hammer on each.

    Important notes to keep in mind:

    – A loaded container must not be lifted from the upper corners at an angle.

    – A dolly should never be used to lift or transport full containers unless the lorry’s working load supports or it is used combined with a BA-012G–type spreader.

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