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    How to choose a right caster?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 20-05-2022      Origin: Site


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    Nowadays, casters have covered a broad range of applications and industrials, including industrial, commercial, institutional, food service, health care, and other specialized areas. While choosing casters, it can be really overwhelming to be faced up with so many choices of type and color. To  make it simpler, here are some facts you need to know before you may rush into getting the wrong casters.

    1: Environment

    There are several factors on environment affecting the selection of casters.

    Firstly, it is important to know whether it is for inside use or outside use. Indoor casters should be designed to move smoothly, while outdoor casters should demonstrate some shock resistance.

    Besides, it is also of importance to make it clear if the casters are going to be working in humid enviroment. If so, you may want a caster with Delrin Bearings, which perform best even around liquids.

    What if it needs to work in high-heat conditions? Then a caster using Bronze Bearings may be your best choice, as they can work as usual even in temperatures up to 500 good degrees Fahrenheit.

    2: Weight Capacity

    Some casters can support 100-150 pounds of weight while others can hold up to 20,000 pounds. Another crucial thing is that you need to estimate how weigh you want your casters take. Looking for one supporting a few hundred pounds? Plate Mount Casters or Dolly Casters may be what you need. If you want it to carry the heavier end of things, you’d want to go for casters like Ergonomic Casters, Kinpinless Casters, or Extra Heavy Duty Casters. What is more, there are also shock-absorbing Casters.

    3: Wheel Type

    RF stores a lot of wheels, vary in size and types. combined with different axle and bearing styles. RF haS the caster you need. V-Groove wheels are reserved for track use and can hold 8,000 pounds. Looking for parts for your loading equipment? Then pneumatic wheels, using a traditional inflated tube, would be your best bet. RF boasts wheels with a diameter ranging from 2” (Polyolefin Wheels & Performa Rubber Wheels) to  12” (Multiple styles in stock).

    4: Floor Condition

    Floor condition is also a deciding factor.  In this section you will understand what kind of wheel and bearing your caster might need in different situations. Uneven or inconsistent flooring? You might as well try a pneumatic wheel or a rubber wheel with iron core. On the other end, if the conditions are good, or flat and smooth, you would prefer a caster using a radial ball bearing, which is best for a smooth roll.

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