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    How to install round hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 20-08-2020      Origin: Site


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    Round hinge, a type of weld hinge, is usually used on doors or lids, aiming to connect two metal objects as well as enable them to rotate with a limited angle. Round hinge is of great importance in many aspects of our lives, including gardening and farming. How to install this indispensable tool? Methods will be taught in this article to help you install round hinges successfully. Either installing a new round hinge or replacing the old one is invaluable to manufacturers.



    - What is round hinge

    - How to install round hinges



    What is round hinge

    Round hinge belongs to a kind of weld hinge. Therefore, round hinges have similar functions as weld hinges, including supporting all the doors as well as connecting two metal objects together and enable them to rotate. Round hinge is a popular hardware in industrial manufacturing.



    How to install round hinges

    We can use the mortise mounting method to install round hinges:


    To cut a round tenon, you need a 1.3/8 or equivalent bit with a short center prick. The bit will be used for drilling machine and can only be rotated by hand.


    When cutting round tenon, never turn on the power of drilling machine. When performing this operation, it is recommended to unplug the drilling machine power. It is also recommended that you cut waste wood before trying to cut your case. Tape the top of the box to the bottom of the box. Before strapping, insert an equal gasket at the corner of the box between the box cover and the base. The gasket should be about 1/32 inch; the thickness of the two cards works well. Stick firmly with tape, because cutting bits into wood can twist a part of the box to the right. position the opening in the hinge cylinder on the joint between the cover and the base and draw a circle around the hinge.


    Depending on the shape of your box, you may need to build a fixture to secure it firmly on the drill table. The center fulcrum shall not be at the crack between the box and the lid but at one eighth (1/8) inch of the box part.


    Apply a moderate downward pressure upward using the drill feed handle while turning the 3-claw chuck/bit clockwise with the hand. the center ding dam will enter the wood and the outer ding dam will start cutting 1.3/8 holes. if necessary, increase the downward pressure and continue cutting the wood until the desired depth is reached. Make sure the box does not move; if moved, you may need to lower the cutting pressure and/or change the fixture position. Pay attention to the thin box, you don't cut too far to highlight the center T word all the way through the back. Drill a very small guide hole and insert the screw, be careful not to protrude from the remaining wood at the mortise.



    To sum up, installing weld hinge is an essential skill, and if you are considering buying weld hinges,Adjustable Hinge, Barrel Hinge please contact RF industrial hardware.

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