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    How to replace the battery in the welding helmet

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 26-02-2021      Origin: Site


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    Replacing welding safety helmets batteries seems challenging, but with knowledge and practice, this task will become easier to manage. This is the detailed information. So, how to replace the battery in the welding helmet? The following are the necessary steps.


    Here is the content list:

    • Introduction to the product of auto-dimming welding helmet.

    • What are the steps to replace the welding helmet battery?

    • What is the test method for welding helmet replacement battery?


    1. Introduction to the product of auto-dimming welding helmet.

    The auto-darkening welding helmet is an important part of welding safety equipment. Since you can view the results of the welding process without taking off your helmet, it can help you increase your productivity. It can also automatically adjust the light intensity to an appropriate level so that you can see clearly.


    (1) Keep the items needed to replace the battery

    (2) After placing the battery, cut off the plastic parts

    (3) Replace the old battery with a new one and fix it in place

    (4) Test welding helmet


    Most auto-darkening welding helmets are battery powered, which means you may need to replace the battery from time to time when the battery is exhausted. Replacing the battery is an important skill for welding professionals. You should be able to quickly replace the welding helmet’s battery without affecting your work efficiency. Remember, the battery replacement of the auto-darkening welding helmets is not as painful as it seems, especially for beginners. You can easily replace the battery by following the simple steps below.


    2. What are the steps to replace the welding helmet battery?

    • Make sure the battery needs to be replaced, check the alert

    Replacing the battery can be time-consuming and even expensive to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the battery needs to be replaced. You can take the following steps to ensure that the battery can be replaced.


    • Check alert

    Some high-end welding helmets emit a light signal to indicate that the battery has been replaced. Therefore, whenever the battery power is low, you will quickly receive an alert. Now, this feature is becoming more and more common in newer auto-darkening welding helmets.


    • Use different strength welding

    Depending on the ambient light level of your welding helmet, it will automatically dim or brighten. Therefore, if your auto-dimming helmet cannot adjust the brightness correctly, it means that the battery is low.


    • Cut off the plastic part

    After you find the battery, you should continue to cut the plastic area to remove it. This area is about the same size as a postage stamp. First place the helmet on the table for support and stability. Cut a square piece of plastic the size of the postage while making sure it is not too deep. After cutting, the plastic sheet will be removed.


    • Remove the battery

    This step requires the greatest attention. Note the tabs that secure the battery in place. You can use a screwdriver with a very thin blade or precision pliers to loosen these labels. This step will allow you to remove the old battery and then replace it with a new one.


    • Replace with new battery

    After removing the old battery, use solder to connect the battery holder and connect with the new battery. Connect the positive pole of the reading lead to the negative pole. After connecting the wires, cut a small cut to form a slot. In this way, the wires can extend from the outside to connect with the rest of the welding helmet.


    • test

    After the two batteries are installed safely, the welding helmet needs to be tested. In this way, you can verify that it is functioning properly. There are several ways to test whether the battery is working properly. The most convenient way to check is to perform the above sun test procedure.


    3. What is the test method for welding helmet replacement battery?

    No, you should not look directly at the sun. Instead, you should wear a welding helmet and face the sun. Please be careful, as this may strain your eyes. Then, try to wave your hands back and forth on the welding helmet. The purpose here is to block the sun intermittently to check the response of the welding helmet.


    If your welding helmet does not respond quickly enough, you will not notice a large change in the intensity of light reaching your eyes. If this is the case, the battery must be replaced. Find battery. After all the necessary materials are in place, you should continue to locate the battery on the welding helmet. The battery is usually installed on the front of the housing.


    When inspecting the part of the front housing near the lens, you may notice a solar cell. You might think that the purpose of solar cells is to power the helmet when working outdoors in the sun. However, in most auto-darkening welding helmet, solar cells are used for different purposes. This part of the lens box contains photoelectric sensors that detect the level of ultraviolet light that affects darkness.

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