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Introduction of Chipping Hammer

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A chipping hammer is a handheld tool. And we commonly use in construction and metalworking to remove slag and other debris from metals, welds, and other surfaces. It is an essential tool for any metal worker or welder.

We have three different styles, including hatchet style, brush & hatchet style, and cone & cross chisel style.

1.Hatchet Style Chipping Hammer

The hatchet style is one of the most popular styles of chipping hammers. It features a flat, hatchet-shaped head on one end and a pointed tip on the other. As a result, it became versatile. The flat end can remove slag and other debris. At the same time, the pointed end can chip away at the surface to create a smooth surface.

2.Brush & Hatchet Style Chipping Hammer

The brush & hatchet style chipping hammer has a wire brush integrated into the handle. So it allows users to clean and remove debris while chipping away slag with the hatchet end. This combination of tools makes it ideal for welding where debris and slag are removed.

3.Cone & Cross Chisel Style Chipping Hammer

The cone & cross chisel style chipping hammer features a pointed cone on one end. And we can use this end to remove more significant pieces of slag and debris and to create holes. Usually, we use the end of the cross chisel to clean the surface and remove the smaller particles.

In fact, chipping hammers are crucial to anyone working in the metalworking or construction industry. If you require different styles and sizes of chipping hammers, please let us know. We provides customization services to meet specific needs.

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