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    Knowledge About Wire Rope Clips (1)

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-07-2022      Origin: Site


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    A wire rope is an extremely versatile mechanical device that can be used to help support and move objects or loads. Whether for cranes or other lifting applications, it is important to have a solid understanding of the rigging components used to connect and lift loads.

    As a wire rope assembler or end user, it is necessary to know the types of wire rope end terminations, or treatments available for the end of a length of wire rope – the most common of which are rope clamps.

    In this article, you can expect to learn:

    · What a wire rope clip is

    · Types of wire rope clips

    · Common mistakes when using wire rope clips

    · Steps to install a wire rope clip


    What is a Wire Rope Clip?

    Wire rope clips can be used to create a load bearing eye on the end of a cable or wire rope, or to connect two cables together with a lap joint. Wire rope clamps are popular because they can be installed in the field and provide 80-90% rope breaking strength efficiency, depending on the diameter of the wire rope.

    As a general guideline, they cannot be used to make slings because the ASME B30.9 sling standard states: "Mechanical wire rope terminations that require periodic adjustment to maintain efficiency shall not be used to make slings."

    Examples of situations where a wire rope clip could be applied to include:

    l Wire rope end termination on crane cable or winch

    l Thread a length of wire rope through the eyebolt or shackle

    l Peripheral cables for docks, parking lots, etc.

    Types of Wire Rope Clips

    There are two main types of wire rope clamps - U-bolt and double saddle clamps. U-Bolt wire rope clamps are the most common and may be made of forged or malleable metal.

    U-Bolt Wire Rope Clips

    This type of wire rope clamp is essentially a U-bolt, two nuts, and a metal base (saddle), which can be made of forged steel or cast iron. Careful consideration and attention must be paid to the way in which the U-bolt type wire rope clamps are installed.

    Forged Wire Rope Clips

    The base of the wire rope clamp is made of forged steel. Forged clips are heated and hammered into the desired shape, resulting in a consistent grain structure in the steel. Forged wire rope clamps are used for critical, heavy, overhead loads such as winch lines, crane slings, support lines, pull lines, pull lines, tie downs, scaffolding, etc.

    Malleable Wire Rope Clips

    Malleable wire rope clamps are only used to make eye termination assemblies with properly conventionally laid wire ropes and are only suitable for light duty applications where small loads are applied, such as handrails, fences, guard rails, etc. The base of the wire rope clamp is made from malleable cast iron, which can break under heavy use and does not have the ideal metallic properties of steel, or the beneficial grain structure that a forged base has.

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