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Our Industrial Bolt Latches & Crossbars

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Industrial Bolt Latches & Crossbar Latches

At RF Industrial Hardware, we are proud to be an industrial hardware supplier to OEMs and hardware distributors all over the globe. As an ISO 9001-certified company, we maintain rigorous standards in quality and customer service, and 99.5% of our customers recommend us as an metal hardware manufacturer. We carry a wide range of hardware products in our extensive catalog, including bolt latches in many styles and materials.

RV Bolt Latches, Marine Bolt Latches, & Custom Latches

Bolt latches, also called crossbar latches, are the most basic type of latch. These latches use a physical object – called the post, or bolt – to restrict the movement of a door, providing a simple solution that's virtually foolproof. Commonly specified by original equipment manufacturers for a variety of applications, bolt latches have a long history due to their reliability, simplicity and functionality. At RF, we manufacture bolt latches for virtually every industry and equipment type, including:

  • Truck bolt latches

  • Trailer bolt latches

  • RV bolt latches

  • Spray booth bolt latches

  • Bus bolt latches

  • Crate bolt latches

  • Marine bolt latches

Industrial Bolt Latches & Crossbars

In its simplest form, a bolt latch consists of a bolt supported by cleats mounted on a door and a neighboring wall. To lock the door, the bolt slides across from the wall and through a cleat, preventing the door from opening. The original bolt latch design has evolved over its long history of use, providing modern industrial bolt latches with expanded functionality in various formats, all derivatives of the original concept used to secure doors in a wide variety of industrial applications.

At RF, we carry a wide range of bolt latches in our catalog of 4,000+ products. Our inventory includes:

  • Barrel bolt latches

  • Spring pull bolt latches

  • Slam bolt latches

  • Explosion bolt latches

  • Rotary latches

We offer our bolt latches in aluminum, cast iron, thermoplastic, steel, and stainless steel. We also offer a wide variety of finishes to complement your product's design, including:

  • Electropolished

  • Chrome-plated

  • Zinc-plated

  • Blue zinc-plated

  • Yellow zinc-plated

  • Electro black painted

  • Mill

  • Passivated

Custom Bolt Latch Manufacturing

Our inventory is vast, but if you need to meet unique industrial specifications, RF also offers custom bolt latch manufacturing. Our patented engineers work closely with customers to understand their exact specifications and product needs, then use advanced 3D modeling to design a bolt latch and 3D printing produce a prototype quickly and efficiently. We can modify one of our existing designs or work with you to create a custom bolt latch from scratch, making it easy to get exactly what you're looking for.

Contact Your Industrial Bolt Latch Manufacturer

At RF, we are committed to best-in-class product quality and customer service. We follow strict standards in the design and manufacture of our access hardware products, ensuring you always get industrial hardware that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today and learn more about our hardware and discuss the design needs of your next project.

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