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    Product introduction about turnbuckle

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 01-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    Turnbuckle is a piece of hardware used to eliminate slack and adjust tension in ropes, cables, or other tensioning systems. They are adjustable devices composed of three main components: the main body, the right-hand threaded end joint and the left-hand threaded end joint.


    Here is the content list:

    • What is the type of turnbuckle?

    • What are the application areas of turnbuckles?

    • What is the specific method of installing turnbuckles?


    1. What is the type of turnbuckle?

    The thread type is essentially named according to the combination of end fittings used in the equipment. The most common end fitting combinations are:


    (1) Jaw and jaw

    (2) Eyes and chin

    (3) Eyes and eyes

    (4) Hook and hook

    (5) Hook eye


    As you may have guessed, the eye movement screws are equipped with eye tails at both ends. Likewise, hook-and-eye screw fasteners have hook-end fittings on one end and eye-end fittings on the other end. The combination of end fittings depends on what the turnbuckle needs to be connected to and whether the solution is permanent or temporary. Hooks are used to connect to temporary connection points that may be frequently connected and disconnected. Claws are used to connect to unopened connection points, such as eye bolts or chain links. Eyes are used to connect to connection points that can be opened, such as hooks or quick links.


    2. What are the application areas of turnbuckles?

    As mentioned above, turnbuckles can be used as connection points with a certain length of rope, cable or other rigging components to adjust the slack and tension in the wire. Turnbuckles can be used for simple fences or complex suspension bridges. Some industries that usually use turnbuckles are:


    (1) Sports and entertainment-Turnbuckles can be used as anchor points and create tension in the ropes around the wrestling or boxing ring. Of course, you can't see them because they are covered with soft material to protect the safety of athletes!

    (2) Maritime transportation-turnbuckles are usually used to tighten the lashing and rigging components of the ship.

    (3) Construction-Turnbuckles are usually used to provide tension support for suspension bridges, large buildings and highway guardrail cable assemblies.

    (4) Aviation-The cables and wires (wings, flight control systems, etc.) present in the aircraft structure are tightened by turnbuckles.


    3. What is the specific method of installing turnbuckles?

    The correct installation of any type of rigging is essential to maintain a safe and effective application-turnbuckles are no different. Installing turnbuckles is a fairly simple process, the steps are as follows:


    • Unscrew the end fittings from the main body until fully extended to the full tightening length

    • Connect the end fittings at both ends to the desired fixing point

    • For eye-end joints, simply pass it through any fixed point to be connected (hook and loop, quick link, etc.).

    • For hook-end accessories, simply wind the hook to any point (thimble, shackle, etc.) where it is temporarily secured.

    • For the jaw end fittings, please unscrew the bolts from the jaws, place the fixing point between the U-shaped clip ears (thimble, eye bolt, etc.), pass the bolt through and tighten.

    • Rotate the turnbuckle to move the end joint closer until the required tension in the rope or cable is reached.

    • If using a nut, tighten the nut to the body.

    • As with all other rigging, it is important to keep the working load limit (WLL) in mind when installing turnbuckles.

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