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    Something You Need To Know About Toggle Latches

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 19-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    What is toggle latch

    It is a mechanical piece of hardware which in locked position ensure secure fastening of two surfaces, panels or objects and when unlocked allow separation. The main components are the base plate with lever and attached loop and separate part the catch plate. The tension is created once loop is hooked onto the catch plate and lever clamped down. Tension is released when the handle is pullet up to vertical position.

    How toggle latch work

    Toggle latch operating principle is calibrated system of levers and pivots. Toggle action has an over center lock point. Once it reaches over center position latch is securely locked in place. It cannot be moved or unlocked unless certain amount of force is used to pull the handle and get over the cam. Unlocking process is simple due to the leverage provided by the handle. Amount of power needed to unlock can be changed by adjusting screw loop length.

    Maximum load values

    To take full benefit from the product and stay safe the maximum load values should be considered. Each product was developed for a certain maximum load and values are specified next to every product description. Please pay attention that it should be safe to use the product if while in operation product ultimate tensile strength is not exceeded.

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