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The Advantages of Measuring Tapes

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Measuring tapes are important for people who need it in their profession. We offer fine quality measuring tapes in our wholesale collection. These are available in different style and forms. You can get them customized to best suit you.Here are some advantages we would like to share with you.
1. Tape Measures Are Flexible. 
Measuring tapes usually come in a case or a roll. Blades for housing-style tapes consist of steel, fiberglass or cloth. Many are for measuring linear distances, and cloth tapes work for measuring circumference as well. Several encased measuring tapes have a spring-loaded mechanism so you can retract them automatically by pushing a button. Most steel and fiberglass blades have a locking mechanism as you extend them so that you can take measurements with one hand. A clip on the end of the blade grasps onto the material. Encased cloth tapes sometimes have a slot in the housing so you can manually lock the tape when measuring circumferences. Cloth and paper roll tape measures have the give necessary for measuring circumferences. Some have a double-sided adhesive on the underside of the blade to you can affix them as a permanent measuring device on surfaces like drawing boards and work benches. 

2. Tape Measures Have High-Visibility Graduations.
Many tape measures and protractors, whether blade, cloth or paper, have a yellow background with black graduations to provide high-contrast readability. Steel and fiberglass retractable measuring tapes often have other markings in red, designating foot measure marks or 16-inch measure marks for centering wall studs. Cloth measuring tapes sometimes come with pink or white backgrounds, and their graduations are also in bold, contrasting black graduations.

3. Tape-Measure Lengths Are Available.
Unlike folding rulers or yard sticks, Tapes come in different lengths suitable for specific needs. Many standard measuring tapes come in 5-foot lengths, suitable for projects like quilting, sewing, and small woodworking. Others like 25-foot and 30-foot lengths are for larger industrial projects. Shorter lengths are available as well for detailed work that requires more measuring finesse. Display measuring tapes, like those that teach young children how to calculate imperial and metric measurements, can be more than 40 feet in length and wrap around the walls of classrooms for all students to see.

4. Our Features of Tape Measures as Follows,

(1) Yellow tape measure with Rubber Jacket protects case from damage & ensure comfortable grip;

(2) Magnetic tipped tape measures have true zero sliding blade tip to ensure accurate inside & outside measurements;

(3) Easy-to-read measurements on both sides of the blade;

(4) Durable steel belt clip;

(5) Front slide lock for easy operation;

(6) Bold, clear numbers on bright yellow blade;

(7) Inch/foot blade graduations;

(8) Customized packaging requirements and logo design.

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