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Tie Downs & Custom Tie Down Manufacturing

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When it comes to hardware for cargo control, quality matters. That's why at RF Industrial Products, we're committed to manufacturing world-class hardware that's durable enough to perform in any application. We offer a vast current models of more than 4,000 individual catalog products, but one of the most critical is also one of the simplest: tie downs.

Durable Tie Down Manufacturers

Tie down rings are a simple hardware component designed to allow for easy attachment of a rope, chain, or strap to a trailer or towing surface. Tie downs are used in a variety of applications, and our tie downs are designed to excel in securing your cargo to an RV, trailer, service truck or flatbed. We carry a variety of tie-down styles, with some models capable of withstanding up to 6000 lb loads, providing ample strength for almost any cargo control.

Every application is different, which is why we offer a variety of tie downs to suit the specific needs of your product. Our tie-down anchors, including our "footman loops," are formed brackets of your choice of material that use screw holes at each end to attach to any surface. Our D-ring tie downs use a welded or forged D-ring, either with or without a bracket and base, all sized to fit a variety of attachment methods.

Versatile Custom Tie Down Manufacturing

RF tie downs are constructed to maximize durability and reliability, and we construct many of our tie downs from stainless steel or zinc-plated steel to reduce corrosion and oxidation in moist, difficult environments. In addition to these materials, we also offer tie downs with zinc plating, mill finishes, or powder coated, and many models feature recessed bases to ensure a smooth, flush surface. And as always, if you don't find exactly the kind of tie down you're looking for amongst our 4,000 products, our engineering department will work with you to create your own custom-manufactured tie down design, exactly to your specifications.

Order Custom Manufactured Hardware Today

Tie downs play a crucial role for any RV, work truck or trailer, and at RF, we proudly manufacture the best in the business. Contact us today. To learn more about our tie downs and other hardware products or to start discussing your custom access hardware manufacturing. We're proud to maintain a consistent gold standard in product quality and customer satisfaction, and we use a fully-automated shop floor and warehouse with real-time tracking so you always know where your order is in the production pipeline. We look forward to hearing from you, and we're excited to help you perfect your product with world-class access hardware!

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