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Top Quality Hinge Pins

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Our vast catalog of industrial access hardware can be found in a wide array of consumer and industrial products. We strive to be a one-stop industrial hardware supply for all your access hardware needs, which is why we proudly carry a large inventory that includes handles, locks, hinges, and a variety of related accessories. Not finding what you’re looking for? We also have a great development team who can work with you to create and produce a product to fit your exact dimensions and requirements.

At RF, we understand the vital part access hardware plays in our lives and that each element of a hinge or handle is just as important to its function as the last. Of that access hardware, one of the most underappreciated roles is held by hinge pins. Though extremely easy to overlook, reliable hinge pins are the key piece that allows hinges — and thus, doors — to properly function. Exciting? Not necessarily. Critical? Absolutely!

The stability of a door is only as solid as the quality of hinge pins used to secure the hinges (which holds the door) in place. In order for the entire frame/hinge/door system to even function, hinge pins are slid through the brackets to connect both sides of a hinge. If your hinge pins are of poor quality, it’s possible for them to break, leaving the door completely unsecured. Furthermore, if a hinge pin isn’t true, you will have trouble installing or even using the hinge.

This is why RF is dedicated to manufacturing products using only the best engineers, designs, and materials — so we are able to provide high-quality access hardware like hinge pins at the best prices. We’ve worked diligently to streamline our production to produce accurately and swiftly made products. Which means the integrity of our hinge pins and other access hardware will always meet your expectations. All RF hinge pins are even thoroughly tested to ensure top quality and tolerances, meaning you can always rely on RF to be your trusted industrial hardware supply.

While many believe that the more expensive a product is, the better it works, RF is here to challenge that ideology by offering the best access hardware like hinge pins at extremely competitive prices. Because we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, RF is proudly ISO 9001 and SGS certified, so you can purchase with confidence knowing you’re getting the exceptional quality product promised. If you have questions about our hinge pins or would like assistance with your purchase, please contact us today.

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