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    Two Common Ways to Mount a Hinge, Don’t Miss!

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 15-04-2022      Origin: Site


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    2 Common Ways to Mount a Hinge, Don’t Miss!

    Are you worrying about deciding how to mount your hinges? There are many ways to mount your hinges depending on your requirements, Today, RF will show you two of the most popular and common ways to set in the hinges.

    The first way is welding.

    If you want to mount the hinge to a metal door or some other metal-cast frame, you can choose to mount it by welding, for some bullet hinges or flat hinges without holes on the surface, welding shall be the best choice.

    However, sometimes people may consider the “welding”  failed to meet their expectation in the light of personal aesthetics.

    if you want to mount the hinges by welding but with aesthetically pleasing at the same time, then coating

    the paint on the surface of the hinge in the same color as the door or window or cabinet themselves after the hinge was mounted will be a good idea.

    In addition, welding is a very safe way as to mount, if you want to remove the door, then you will face a basketful of  trouble.


    The second way is mounting by standard fasteners;

    Drill holes for your hinges or doors and frames to be installed, so that the standard fasteners such as bolts or screws can be used to fix the hinges.

    In this way, you need to pay more attention to the size of the holes, because you need to make sure the screws you are going to use are match with the holes.

    By the way, a nut may be help if your screws are for non-threaded hole. Most standard fasteners can be easily removed or, for enhancing safety, you can choose non-removable screws.

    Almost all of RF's hinges are available from stock, if you feel that our existing stock products are not suitable, or you want your hinges to be equipped with relevant fasteners.

    Hinge application

    RF can provide you with unique customized products and services according to the product specifications you offered. As for the detailed product information , you can contact us directly at this page: https://www.rfinternationalco.com/Design-Customized-Solutions-pl3246200.html, and we will reply you with a quotation as soon as possible.


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