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    What are the different types of wheels?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 21-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    The wheels on a car can be said to be the most important part of a car. Without wheels, the car will not roll and therefore will not drive. There are different types of wheels that provide different driving experiences, and it is important to buy the wheels that best suit your car and lifestyle. The different types of wheels that will be discussed next are caster wheel, V-grooved wheels, and rubber guide roller.


    Here is the content list:

    • Introduction to the design and application of caster wheel.

    • Introduction to the design and application of V-grooved wheels.

    • Introduction to the design and application of rubber guide roller.

    • What are the application prospects of RF wheels?


    1. Introduction to the design and application of caster wheel.

    Caster wheels are used in various industrial and household equipment, including shopping carts, tool boxes and ladders. There are many ways to construct caster wheels, including non-driven, compound, single and double. Caster wheels can be purchased in various sizes, many of which are made of metal, durable rubber or durable PU, PP components.


    RF caster wheels range from 3 inches to 12 inches (different casters) PP, PU, rubber, nylon, TPR, ALPU, nylon fiber and other materials with high load-bearing capacity. Our warehouse can provide better quality products at any time. If you need any products customized specifically for your industry, you can also provide complete specifications and notify us. According to the required quantity and samples, we can develop the same model. If you are in the new caster wheels market and want to explore your options, please let us know.


    2. Introduction to the design and application of V-grooved wheels.

    Our V-grooves are designed to guide equipment by rolling on chamfered rails. The elevated track minimizes the problems caused by floor debris. The pressure relief groove at the bottom of the "V" makes the load on all sides of the angle equal. When not driving on the track, the considerable track on both sides of the V-grooves can be used on a smooth floor.


    • Made of low-carbon steel and precision processed.

    • These wheels are equipped with sealed ball bearings with extremely low rolling resistance and extremely high static and dynamic load capacity.

    • It is very suitable for heavy doors, sliding warehouse doors and rolling track trolleys.


    3. Introduction to the design and application of rubber guide roller.

    We are dealing with a series of high-quality rubber guide roller made from selected grades of raw materials. These rubber guide roller are well designed to help evenly distribute the load and assist the roller bearings to handle larger loads. Our gate rubber rollers and spring rollers have different specifications and are very durable. Especially for rubber guide roller, we provide three common lengths with various offsets, which can be used as a single roller or as a component.


    The 3" roller is a guide device for leveling the gate on a level ground; when the ground is not completely flat or the top of the gate is slightly bent, the 6" roller should be used. 12" rollers are used for gates with more pronounced curves such as vaults and bell arc gates. Also, you will most likely need to make sure that the rubber guide roller also have bearings, rather than rolling on the bolts themselves.


    If you choose to purchase prefabricated components, please make sure that you have the appropriate width for the material you are using, or purchase an adjustable rubber guide roller that can be used in multiple sizes. On gates with curved tops, you also need to ensure that the curve is not too extreme to pass through the top of the assembly. Otherwise, you may need to place a rubber guide roller on each side of the gate, or Manufacture your own roller assembly in the correct size. Tell us more about your ideal rubber guide roller!


    4. What are the application prospects of RF wheels?

    RF provides high-quality steel, rubber, plastic and polyethylene wheels, and there are many different current types to choose from, such as V-grooved wheels, gate spring rollers, grill wheels, rubber guide wheels, and rotating or rigid casters.


    If you are looking for high load capacity, impact resistance, heat resistance or traction ability, we can provide the required wheel material and design. Our wheels and casters are carefully designed to withstand the most demanding applications, from steel sliding doors, heavy machinery to manufacturing, etc., which are very suitable for various industries. At RF, we resolutely defend our core values of excellent quality and customer satisfaction by designing and manufacturing high-quality wheels. RF industrial wheels are always the best. Come and share your thoughts with us!

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