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    What are the types of weld on hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 25-09-2020      Origin: Site


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    Why are welded hinges so popular in many door applications? What is the main purpose of weld on hinges? What are the types of weld on hinges?


    What is the function of weld on hinge?

    What are the different types of weld on hinge?

    What makes weld on hinge popular?

    What are the applications of weld on hinge?


    What is the function of weld on hinge?

    In general, hinge welding is used in construction projects to help connect metal doors or covers to their metal frames. Hinge welding is commonly used in building passages, large structures and even spacecraft.


    Barrel weld on hinges can also be called as bullet hinges, or simply weld hinges. Barrel weld on hinge is a good choice when people handle a limited welding space of the door or frame where the wide leaf hinge will not work. Barrel weld on hinges also show a clean look for any application. Barrel weld on hinges is suitable either for lifting door applications where barrel weld on hinges aligned with pins pointing in the same direction (pin is the rod that connects the leaves together) or for non-detachable door applications.Adjustable welding on hinges is mainly used for fences and gates in farms, hunting grounds and commercial places, and is usually of good strength and versatility. The use of adjustable welding on the hinge to connect the thin fence frame and the thin fence post helps to ensure a firm installation.


    What are the different types of weld on hinge?

    1. Adjustable Hinge

    2. Barrel Hinge

    3. Bullet Hinge

    4. Flag Hinge

    5. Flat Hinge

    6. Other Hinge

    7. Round Hinge

    8. Winged Hinge


    What makes weld on hinge popular?

    There are many other types of hinges. But why is welding on door hinges still preferred in some applications? This is because they are easy to install. Without drilling or tapping, align the hinge with the door and frame and weld it into place. No on-site drilling or tapping. weld on hinge also has full performance, and another significant advantage is that they provide full performance. This means that, in addition to providing an attractive way to connect metal doors, the hinges are strong, compact and durable.


    What are the applications of weld on hinge?

    1. Nuclear medicine

    2. Transport container

    3. Armored car

    4. Security door

    5. Prison/custodial gate

    6. construction project

    7. Safe door

    8. fire-proof door


    In addition to some of the applications mentioned in this article, weld on hinges are also used in various commercial and industrial applications. Whenever a metal door needs to be hinged on a metal frame, weld on hinges are a good choice. Whether you are building or repairing toolboxes, storage boxes, doors, doors or safes, there are weld on hinges that may meet your needs. If you are looking for high-quality weld on hinges at reasonable prices, RF International offers a wide range of weld on hinges products in a variety of styles like:Adjustable HingeBarrel Hinge.

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