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    ​What is a butt hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-12-2022      Origin: Site


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      Typically, butt hinges are used to install and operate doors on commercial properties and residences. Butt hinges usually consist of two matching leaves. One is usually attached to a fixed component (such as a door frame) and the other is connected to a moving component (such as a door).

    Butt hinges work like most other hinges. They provide a limited angle of rotation between two objects. One leaf is connected to the fixed object, whereas the other leaf is connected to the rotating object (e.g. a door). Butt hinges have a knuckle between the two leafs. This knuckle allows them to rotate. You can open the rotating object by pulling it away from the fixed object.


      They are manufactured in a variety of finishes and materials including aluminum, galvanized steel, galvanealed, hot & cold steel, and stainless steel. There are specific applications for a butt hinge in a variety of industries. Many are constructed from stainless steel materials to be able to withstand many types of harsh environmental conditions. Butt hinges can be viewed in many applications including on fire doors, box lids, cabinets, interior & exterior doors, etc.

    There are a variety of Butt Hinges including the following:

      Plain Bearing Butt Hinges - most commonly used in homes today.  We currently offer these in the most popular finish and sizes.

      Ball Bearing Butt Hinges - they can be constructed with ball bearings instead of the central pin.

      Spring Butt Hinges - these hinges are adjustable so that you can choose how fast you want the door to close.

      Most hinge pins are removable, but some are built to be non-removable for security purposes.  You can buy butt hinges with removable or fixed pins. In entries where the hinge is on the outside of the door, a fixed pin makes it more secure because the door can't be opened by removing the pin.

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