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    What is caster ?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 29-07-2022      Origin: Site


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    Casters are a general term, including swivel casters, rigid casters. swivel casters are what we call universal wheels, and their structure allows 360 degrees of rotation. Some of them have lock capability; rigid casters are also called directional casters, which have no rotating structure and cannot be turned. Now Casters are widely used in various industry.  According to the personalized needs industries, people have invented a variety of casters, there are about 15,000 kinds of casters in the world for furniture, industry, agriculture, logistics, defense technology and other industries and fields. If we sort these catsters by materials,then we have galvanized casters, steel casters, plastic casters, cast iron casters, nylon casters, rubber casters, and so on.


    And thanks to the modest cost and flexibility of the industrial caster, it remains the most popular and most affordable answer to all kinds of handling problems. Consider just a few of the benefits provided by casters:

    · Increased productivity and profits. Non-productive handling time is slashed and in-process materials are kept "on the move"-without major capital outlays.

    · Improved space utilization. Like manpower, space is an expense that must be utilized efficiently. Casters go anywhere... forward or back-ward...even up or down in some new stacking systems.

    · Safer working conditions. Properly designed casters are readily controlled, reducing hazards often associated with make-shift handling or even with certain highly engineered systems.

    · Flexibility. Casters surpass the most expensive "fixed" systems in their ability to adapt to changing production methods, product mix, or even a complete change of plans or location.

    · Load protection. By preventing unnecessary rehandling, and by keeping goods from being dragged or abused by the wrong kind of powered equipment, casters can lessen the incidence of damage.

    Nowdays, they have become an indispensable part of our life and work. We can see Casters everywhere.

    The swivel wheels and rigid wheels are not always used in isolation like in this picture. They are often combined, such as this trolley, at the front are two directional wheels;behind the handrail are the two universal wheels.

    If you are looking for a caster supplier, you get lucky. RF casters come in various size and types. Why Go Anywhere Else? We Have the casters You Need. Customization Available. Wholesale Pricing. Online price quotes. No Minimum Orders. If you wanna know more details, please don not hesitate to sent us an inquiry. Any questions please feel free to contact me, we will always give you prompt attention.

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