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    What is stamping?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-01-2021      Origin: Site


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    Stamping is the method of forming and processing a workpiece (stamped part) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a plate, a strip, a pipe, a profile, and the like by a press and a die to cause plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging are plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively known as forging. Stamped blanks are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets and strips. Of the steel in the world, 60 to 70% are sheet metal, most of which are stamped and finished. The car's body, chassis, fuel tanks, radiators, boiler steam drums, container shells, electric motors, and electrical appliances such as iron core silicon steel sheets are stamped and processed. There are also a large number of stamping parts in products such as instrumentation, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, and household utensils.

    Press processing is the use of conventional or special press equipment power, so that the sheet material in the mold directly by the deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the production of parts of the technology. Sheets, moulds and equipment are the three elements of stamping. Press processing temperature is divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. The former is suitable for sheet metal processing with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity; the latter is carried out at room temperature and is a stamping method commonly used for sheet metal. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), and it is also affiliated with material forming engineering technology.

    The stamping die is called stamping die, or die. Dies are special tools for the batch processing of materials (metal or non-metal) into the required stampings. Stamping is very important in stamping. There is no punch that meets the requirements. Batch stamping production is difficult to carry out. Without advanced stamping, advanced stamping technology cannot be realized. Stamping processes and dies, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping. Only when they are combined can stampings be obtained.

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