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What is toggle clamp?

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A toggle clamp is a type of plier that locks with a switch joint. It is a quick clamping and quick opening mechanism, it uses the mechanical four-link dead center principle. The primary features of a toggle clamp are that toggle clamps lock in position securely and are quick acting. An operator can turn it on and off quickly.

Its processing technology is also of a high level. In order to make it firm and stable in use, the clamp base uses a stiffened design and thickened rivets. The adjusting shaft is made of stainless steel die-casting and turning. It also helps to make it firm, and has the features of high load-bearing. With self-locking model, the spring is locked and will not fall off; without self-locking model, fast loading and unloading, high efficiency.

In terms of appearance, it has a vinyl-colored grip that is comfortable to use and easy to identify.

In terms of material, stainless steel 304 material, rust-proof and wear-resistant, the fine vibration surface treatment can also prevent damage to the surface when clamping. Zinc plated steel, hard and stable.

It is generally suitable for use on doors, machinery and other job applications.

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