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    What is turnbuckle?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-12-2022      Origin: Site


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    These work great for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods and other tensioning systems. They can be adjusted by rotating the frame, which causes both eyelets to be screwed in or out simultaneously without twisting the eyelets or attached cables. Turnbuckles are most commonly used in applications which require a great deal of tension.

    Heavy duty rigging turnbuckles consist of two threaded bolts, each screwed into the ends of a metal frame.  One side is left-hand threaded and the other is right-hand threaded, so riggers can turn the metal frame to push apart and pull together the threaded bolts.  These threaded bolts come with a wide variety of end fittings and attachments including jaws, eyes, clevises, hooks and many more.  

    Heavy-Duty Turnbuckle Material

    Our heavy-duty industrial turnbuckles are always made from one of the following:

    · Hot dipped galvanized - Galvanized turnbuckles use hot dip galvanized steel for durability, resistance to corrosives, and weather-resistance. Made for in-line or straight pull applications only.

    · Zinc

    · Custom

    Turnbuckle Hardware and Fittings Options

    A wide variety of turnbuckle end accessories are available to meet your specific rigging needs.


    An eye is a solid ring end primarily used with wire rope. The solid construction of the turnbuckle ensures that there is no way for the wire rope to slip through. The slender eye not only helps reduce stress on the turnbuckle hardware, but also makes it easier to connect to rigging equipment.


    Hooks offer the quickest attachment and release when it comes to turnbuckle hardware. Hooks are very versatile and can be ideal for a variety of turnbuckle applications. The cable turnbuckle has two hook attachments, which are the hook and the hook turnbuckle, and can have the hook open the same way or the hook open the opposite way, depending on the particular rigging application you need.

    Forks or Jaws

    These are rigging turnbuckles with wishbone shaped anchor points. They are fitted with nut and bolt or pin and cotter assemblies. This type of fitting is ideal for situations where the anchor point is fixed and won't work with the eye, or the anchor point needs to be fixed to prevent slipping from the fitting.

    Threaded Rods

    The most basic turnbuckle fitting, threaded rod turnbuckle fittings are simply a steel rod with standard threads on the end that easily form a direct connection to a post or other mounting surface.

    Deck Toggle

    Deck toggle is a mounting bracket around a “T” shaped bar. This configuration allows the assemblies to rotate 180 degrees within the mounting bracket. Deck toggle turnbuckles are most mount on deck posts.

    Drop Pin

    Drop pin turnbuckle fittings have a rotating pin on the end that flips flat into the body of the pin to thread through a hole. This allows the bolt to be threaded through a hole while the pin is flipped in and then securely held in place while flipped out. This end fitting offers an excellent clean look.

    Lag Screw

    Used for permanent attachment to anchor points,lag screw turnbuckle fittings are threaded and pointed, secure attachment to your anchor points.

    Stub End

    Stub end turnbuckle fittings are used where a connecting point is not needed - but to separate or push objects .

    Swage Stud

    Swage stud fittings offer a solid corrosion-resistant endpoint that is threaded to accept wires directly into the fitting and swaged to secure them permanently. Swage stud turnbuckle fittings are used to seamlessly connect a turnbuckle to the end of a wire rope.

    Rigging turnbuckle hardware and components are extremely versatile and can be configured in countless combinations to suit any rigging application. Some most popular configurations include:

    Eye & Eye Turnbuckles

    Hook & Eye Turnbuckles

    Hook & Hook Turnbuckles

    Jaw & Eye turnbuckles

    Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles

    Whether you are looking for small turnbuckles or a larger assembly, we have a great selection for you to choose from. We also provide additional rigging supplies such as wire rope, clevis hooks, snapper pins, lifting slings and lifting chains

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