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    Which Weld-on hinges should I use?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-04-2021      Origin: Site


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    By understanding RF international co., Ltd., you will find that it is difficult to find the weld-on hinges required for the project, it is difficult to know which hinge is the best, and there are various types of weld-on hinges, understand and know Their characteristics are the way to determine which weld-on hinges are best for a particular project.


    Here is the content list:

    What is Weld-on hinges?

    What Weld-on hinges are available for us to choose?

    What are the precautions for installing Weld-on hinges?


    What is Weld-on hinges?

    Before studying the different types of  weld-on hinges, let’s discuss what weld-on hinges actually are. Welded hinges, also known as lift hinges, provide a strong, compact and attractive way to attach metal doors. Fixed on a metal frame for electrical, agricultural, security, truck trailers, heavy tool boxes, steel doors and many other industrial applications where hinges need to be welded to another metal surface.


    What Weld-on hinges are available for us to choose?

    Product introduction about flat hinge.

    Flat hinge is a more decorative butt hinge, available in old brass or tin coating. Flat hinge makes one wing fit another wing and takes up less space than standard butt hinge. Like butt hinges, flat hinges do not need to cut grooves or mortises on the door.


    Where to use flat hinge:

    Flat hinges are not as strong as butt hinges. The main disadvantage of this type of hinge is its different sizes. However, these hinges are ideal for lightweight cabinet doors.


    Product introduction about T-shaped or T-shaped hinges.

    T-shaped hinges shaped like the letter T can be found on wooden or metal boxes, huts, sheds and gates. Due to the long installation section, T-shaped hinges can provide strength and support for large doors or gates. However, it is not recommended to use these hinges in areas that require safety protection because they are easy to remove.


    Where to use T hinge:

    Shed doors or wooden doors are usually hung with T hinges because these doors are usually taller and wider than ordinary doors. The long belt with T-hinge helps support the extra weight. The size of the hinge used depends on the width of the door you want to hang. Any wooden door or door that is more than two meters in size but not more than three meters in size must always have three hinges installed.


    What are the precautions for installing Weld-on hinges?

    First, always use screws that match the material of the weld-on hinges you use, that is, brass screws with brass hinges. Make sure the hinge is facing up. The mounting hole should have a small angle to make the screw head fit tightly and make sure that the screw head is flush with the weld-on hinges surface.


    It should be noted that before installing the hinge, drill a pilot hole in the frame or door to prevent the wood from splitting. Installing the weld-on hinges from the edge of the door must have at least one thumb length to prevent the wood from splitting, and the size of the hinge should be proportional to the size of the door or hanging object! We also provide Adjustable Hinge, Barrel Hinge, just follow us now!

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