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    Which is the best weld-on hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 20-05-2020      Origin: Site


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    As far as weld-on hinges are concerned, we may see them everywhere, in gardens, on fences, on trucks, etc., but the difference lies in the different shapes and materials of weld-on hinges. The quality of different weld-on hinges is also different. This article will mainly introduce how to choose the best weld-on hinge.

    How to choose the best weld-on hinge?

    • Select weld-on hinge by looking at the weight of the material.

    • Select weld-on hinge through hand experience.

    • Select weld-on hinge by looking at the detail.

    • Select reset performance by weld-on hinge spring.

    • Select tips on weld-on hinge.


    Adjustable weld-on hinges are mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. The weld-on hinge can be made of movable components or of a foldable material. So far, the weld-on hinge on the market is also constantly increased. On one hand, the choice of weld-on hinge is higher and higher requirements and standards for consumers. On the other hand, it also puts forward higher requirements for the weld-on hinge manufacturer. Therefore it is of great importance to produce suitable products according to the different uses. Then we take a look at how to choose the best weld-on hinge?


    (1)    Select weld-on hinge by looking at the weight of the material

    If the quality of the weld-on hinge is poor, it will be easy to to roll back, loose and sag when used in the garden fence or truck for a long time. High quality railings, trucks and other hardware almost all use cold rolled steel, one - time stamping molding with thick, smooth surface. As a result of surface coating thick, they are not easy to rust and have durable, bearing capacity. While poor quality weld-on hinge is generally made of thin metal welding, almost no rebound, and it will lose elasticity over a period of time.


    (2)    Select weld-on hinge through hand experience

    The barrel weld-on hinge with different advantages and disadvantages has different hand feel when used. The high-quality weld-on hinge has a relatively soft force in the use process. When closed to 15 degrees, it will bounce back automatically, and the bounce back is very uniform. Consumers can experience the handfeel of weld-on hinge and judge the quality of weld-on hinge according to the handfeel.


    (3)    Select weld-on hinge by looking at the detail

    The details reveal whether the quality of weld-on hinge is superior. The premium product, weld-on hinge, has a thick hand and a smooth surface. The low-quality weld-on hinge is made of cheap metals such as thin metal sheets that stretch uneasily and even make a harsh sound.


    (4)    Select reset performance by weld-on hinge spring

    In addition to visual inspection and smooth surface of hand-felt weld-on hinge, attention should be paid to the resetting performance of the spring of weld-on hinge.The quality of the reeds also determines the opening angle of the garden gate and the ductility of the truck. Furthermore, the quality of the weld-on hinge reeds can make the opening angle more than 90 degrees.


    (5)    Select tips on weld-on hinge

    Open the weld-on hinge to 95 degrees, press both sides of the weld-on hinge hard by hand and observe whether the supporting spring doesn’t deformation, break and is very strong for the quality of weld-on hinge. Low-quality weld-on hinge has a short service life and is easy to fall off. For example, other problems appear in the use process of trucks and fences and so on , which are mostly caused by poor quality of weld-on hinge.

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