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    Why do we need trailer parts ?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 07-10-2020      Origin: Site


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    A trailer is a large container, which is fixed to the back end of a car or any other vehicle. It has been widely used in recent years, trailer accessories are indispensable for it. What are the trailer accessories? Why do we need them?


    What types of trailer accessories are included?

    What should be paid attention to when choosing trailer parts?

    in conclusion


    What types of trailer accessories are included?

    The trailer parts are mainly composed of chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, car body and tool box, etc., with multiple functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction, suitable for highways and cities Clearance of roads. In addition to this,trailer latches, heavy duty hinges,trailer hooks, weld on lashing rings, chains, trailer straps, imported trailer mechanical brake connector, etc.


    What should be paid attention to when choosing trailer parts?

    1. See if the trademark logo is complete. The packaging box and box of the accessories should indicate the product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, address, and telephone number. Some large or important trailer parts must be equipped with instruction manuals, certificates of conformity and inspector's seals when they leave the factory. They should be recognized when purchasing to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

    2. See whether the specifications and models are appropriate. When purchasing trailer parts, first of all, it is necessary to find out what type of part it is, and secondly, to find out whether it is the specification you need.

    3. Look for rust on the surface of the trailer parts. See if there are rust spots on the surface of metal parts, see if there are obvious aging, cracks, and loss of elasticity on rubber and plastic parts, see if there are obvious turning lines on the journal surface of shaft parts, etc., if there are any, they should be replaced.

    4. See whether the surface hardness meets the standard. The surface hardness of the mating parts is required by regulations. After confirming the purchase and discussing with the merchant, you can use the hacksaw blade to break the test. If there is no trace during the scratch, the hardness is high, and the hardness after the scratch is higher if there is a shallow mark. The hardness of obvious traces is low.

    5. Each trailer latch will include an outer locking oar latch with a fixing bolt, which is fixed in the inner oar handle for release. It also includes 2 keys, a switch board, a door cover and ampere; mounting screws. Does not include description (ratings are very easy to change). You may not need to replace the switch panel or door shutter at all. Simply remove the 4 mounting screws from the existing latch and clamp the 2 new main components together. Connect with 4 new mounting screws. Arrange the switch board and amplifier; tighten the screws and screws of the door side panels; this trailer latch will replace 99% of all trailer latches. The key barrel is placed diagonally. The bolts are placed vertically (one on top of the other) and should be purchased from the manufacturer.

    6. Check for wear on the mating surface. If there are signs of wear on the mating surface, or old paint is found after removing the surface paint on the painted part, it is mostly waste parts.


    in conclusion

    Trailer parts including Cargo Strap, Lashing Ring are being used by more and more people, so it is very important to choose suitable trailer parts. If you are looking for high-quality trailer parts at competitive prices, rf international is a good option to help your business grow!


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