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what is the piano hinge

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Although flat hinges and common door hinges enable you to easily open and close a door, there many other types of hinges which make it happen too. With them, you can easily open or close, say, chests, toy boxes or even pianos. One type oftheses hinges is a piano hinge.

piano hinge

What Is a Piano Hinge?

Also known as continuous hinges, piano hinges are longger than other hinges and  offer good support for the entire length of a cabinet, chest or toy box door. It is clear that piano hinges are also commonly applied to the lids of upright pianos, hence the name. Usually, piano hinges are made of two rectangular-shaped pieces of material which are joined together at the center. The center is called as the knuckle. When the two pieces of material are put together, a pin will be inserted through the knuckle to keep them together.

Piano hinges are famous because of  their length. They are designed to run the entire length of the objects in which they are appied to. If the objects are up to 12 inches long, for example, then a 12-inch piano hinge may be necessary to join them. Besides, piano hinges can be vailable in any length. Some of them can be  even several feet long.  How to define a Pinao hinge? Tipically, a hinge is simply counted as a piano hinge if its length is equal to or close to that of the objects in which it’ is used.

Advantages of a Piano Hinge

Ability to Customize the Length: During piano hinge installation, you are free to cut the piano hinge to the length you need or want. This is of great help when you want to match the piano hinge to the length of the lid or door.

Even Load Distribution: piano hinges are most popular among door assemblers because of even load distribution it offersover the length of the door opening. Thanks to that, it’s often easier for them to determine how and where to place piano door hinges.

Piano hinges can be available in bolted on or welded on.  Piano hinges can be made without the screw holes to enable the convenience to weld on for your specialty applications.

Another great benefit a piano hinge brings about is that it can be used as a concealed hinge or an exposed hinge, as the case may be, mounted on the surface, similar to a strap door hinge.

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