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    Bullet Hinges - Purpose and Uses of Bullet Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 24-06-2022      Origin: Site


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    What Are Bullet Hinges?

    Bullet hinges, also known as welded hinges, lift hinges, and barrel hinges, offer users an attractive yet compact and robust way to join metal doors to metal frames. These hinges are ideal for enclosures, gates, tool cabinets, agricultural use, electrical use, and several other industrial and residential applications.

    Bullet hinges are typically made of aluminum and stainless steel with brass, steel, stainless steel pins, with and without grease fittings. Furthermore, they are available in various sizes to ensure that users can install them according to their requirements and convenience.

    What Are Bullet Hinges Ideal for?

    Barrel or bullet hinges are a great solution for those who have to deal with limited welding space on a frame or door. In this case, using a broadleaf hinge rarely works. Bullet hinges, on the other hand, offer a cleaner look wherever you plan to apply them. The cleaner look is the main reason why so many people prefer bullet hinges over other hinge types.

    What Does a Bullet Hinge Consist of?

    A bullet hinge or weld on hinge consists of three main parts. These parts are: the leaf side (also called the female), the needle side (also called the male), and the brush located between the two halves. Bullet hinges made of steel with brass brushes. On the other hand, aluminum bullet hinges and stainless steel bullet hinges mostly come with grease fittings. In most cases, the grease nipple is optional.

    bullet hinge

    The bullet hinge stock that we have at our disposal consists of different sizes that range from 1.5-‘’ to 10’’ for plain steel, while for aluminum and stainless steel we have 1.5’’ to 8’’. These sizes perfectly correspond with hinge lengths and will not cause any issue when you weld them. You can use barrel or bullet hinges for non-removable as well as lift off applications for doors.

    In lift off applications, both hinges line up with pins pointing in the same direction. On the other hand, in non-removable applications, the hinges are aligned with pins pointing towards each other. So whether you need two pieces or thousands, we have plenty of stock to meet your bullet hinge needs.

    Bullet Hinges Offer a Functional Solution

    As mentioned earlier, the use of bullet hinges is not limited to industrial applications, industries such as electronics, construction, shipping, automotive, and marines have also found them useful. These hinges can also be used in cabs, boats, trailer and truck bodies, traffic light control, and more. Safety gates, cab enclosures, tool boxes, fishing equipment and BBQ pits. Bullet hinges are typically made from aluminum and steel alloys, brass, mild steel, galvanized iron, plain iron, and stainless steel. No matter which bullet hinge material you prefer, it can handle a fair amount of load. On top of that, these hinges are also great for narrow frames.

    If you are looking for a perfect alternative to traditional hinge types a heavy duty bullet hinge will prove to be a perfect choice.

            What Makes Bullet Hinges So Functional

    The bullet hinge is specially designed in two halves, and the user can directly weld them separately on the desired surface. As mentioned earlier, these two halves are called the female and male barrels. This is the main reason why bullet hinges are also called barrel hinges or welded hinges. A barrel with a pin is called a male barrel, and a barrel without a pin is called a female barrel. Mother barrels are welded to surfaces such as doors. On the other hand, male barrels are welded to structural areas such as door frames.


    Since most doors that use bullet hinges tend to be lift doors, the barrel without the pin must be placed on top. The reasoning behind this is that most lift doors usually drop, which means the bottom bucket must have excellent load bearing quality. A major advantage that liftgates offer users is that you can lift them off the hinges at any time. No need to unscrew every hinge.


    The Best Bullet Hinge Materials

    While we have discussed several materials available for bullet hinges, mentioned below are the best bullet hinge materials:


    Stainless Steel



    Most people prefer to use these hinges because of their sturdiness and longevity. Also, they don't collect as much dirt compared to other hinge types. So choosing any of these bullet hinge materials will add a clean look wherever you plan to install them.


    Stainless Steel Bullet Hinges

    We have high quality stainless steel bullet hinges in stock. These pins provide additional durability, strength and corrosion resistance. Medical, marine, food service and several other outdoor markets can benefit from stainless steel bullet hinges. They provide a secure connection and provide a clean and sleek look.


    Steel Bullet Hinges

    We also offer bullet hinges made of plain and pure steel. The steel hinges, while mundane as they may sound, are fairly sturdy and durable. They are also an excellent cost-effective solution with excellent corrosion resistance. Choose steel bullet hinges if you want a secure door connection while ensuring you can easily remove your door.


    Aluminum Bullet Hinges

    If you want a bullet hinge that is durable and lightweight, choose an aluminum bullet hinge. Just like the hinges mentioned above, their corrosion resistance is very good for the harsh environment outside. Aluminum bullet hinges provide a secure connection and a sleek, clean and stylish look. You can use this type of bullet hinge on safes, doors, gates, security containers, tool boxes, metal cabinets, cab enclosures and a few other things.


    Are Bullet Hinges Worth the Hype?
    certainly! Adding bullet hinges to your door will increase its function and appearance by tenfold. Our wide range of high-quality bullet hinges are built to last, ensuring you don't need to maintain your door again and again.

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