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Can Flag Hinge help to train my dogs to be more quick-witted?

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    Can you imagine that? It's definitely an interesting and creative way to train the dog by the Flag Hinges welded on the wood boards.The Flag Hinge looks like a flag on a pole, which is a normal hinge that can be used on doors or cabinets. It consists of two detachable blades(leaves) that can rotate to each other around a pin.

    Welded Flag hinges are often decorative and concealed. As long as they are painted with the same color as the object to be installed during installation, then it can easily to be a "stealth" hinge.

     Interestingly, such a common hardware gadgetnow can also help train your dog to respond quickly. One of our clients shared a story:  "I like to do some specific training for my dog so that he can be more swift. In the early days, I would put my dog on a box or a table to keep him in one spot and focused.” He said with pleasure.

Weld on Hinges

    "I wanted to make a hinged box that not only opened and could be lain flat, I wanted the ability to separate the halves and use them as two lower boxes if necessary. I used to use loose-pin, back flap hinges, remove the pin and replace it with a cotter-type pin that could be easily removed and replaced. It was a pain. The pins frequently got lost and it was a three or four step-process. Now I just slide the two sides in opposing directions, by the way, did I mention how sturdy they are?”

door hinge

    In general, we tend to overlook some creative and imaginative sides of things because of our stereotypical impression, however, Life sometimes really need some whims and fantasies.  

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