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Different Types of Metal Plating.

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A single metal can be electroplated onto an object, as can combinations of metals. Many manufacturers choose layered metals, such as nickel and copper, for added strength and conductivity.

Almost any material can be used to make the substrate, from stainless steel and other different types of metals to plastics. Artisans use electroplated organic materials such as soft fabric ribbons and flowers. It must be noted that non-conductive substrates, such as plastic, glass and wood, must find ways to make them conductive before electroplating. And this can be achieved by coating the non-conductive substrate in a layer of conductive spray or paint.


Electroless Nickel Plating

This is a treatment with alloys designed to increase the hardness and corrosion resistance of metals or plastics. The electroless nickel plating process is simpler than the electroplating. In this process, the electroplating does not even require an electric current to pass through the solution in the electroless bath.

Electroless nickel plating speeds up to 5 microns/hour and up to 25 microns/hour. Since the process is continuous and builds on itself, the process creates an essentially infinite thickness. However, as the thickness increases, tiny defects also become clearly visible. Depending on the specific requirements, one of five different coatings will ultimately be electroplated.

Zinc Plating

Zinc is an inexpensive material that is used to complete galvanized coatings on different metal substrates. In addition to electroplating, the application of this element employs a galvanizing process that involves dipping in a molten bath and spraying. During condensation or electrolysis, the part to be plated is placed in a bath containing a soluble zinc salt electrolyte as the cathode and metallic zinc as the anode.

Cadmium Plating

This type of electroplating is commonly used in various automotive supplies. Aircraft manufacturers specify it for its protective properties, as well as the natural lubricity exhibited by frequent removal and reinstallation of components. This type of metal coating is suitable for marine environments, where it resists salt and fresh water well.

Chrome Plating

This type of plating is only used for decorative purposes, but it also exhibits high corrosion resistance and hardness, making it suitable for industrial applications where wear is a problem. It is also sometimes used to restore tolerances on worn parts. Chromium is plated to a higher degree than nickel in the production of steel furniture and auto parts.

Copper Plating

Copper plating is another popular metal plating used in applications that require high efficiency and high electrical conductivity. Copper plating is a commonly used electroplating metal for electronic components, such as printed circuit boards. Copper is one of the less expensive electroplating metals due to its low material cost and high electroplating efficiency.


Silver Plating

Elemental silver is used in electroplating applications where decorative appeal and enhanced conductivity are required. In general, silver offers a more cost-effective electroplating solution because it is more cost-effective than gold and copper plating. However, it is important to note that silver plating can be limited by issues such as galvanic corrosion and humidity.

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