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    How much weight can door hinges hold?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 20-05-2022      Origin: Site


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    When you consider of choosing the right hinges for your door applications, the first thing you need to think about is the load capacity. Of course, the manufacturer of the product you are buying also provides these information, but you still need to get some knowledge about it.

    Without any doubts, Your commercial or residential application will  suffer a lot if you choose the wrong hinge where the installation is concerned. looking for a hinge which is more matched with the specific requirements is significantly more critical. Finding door hinges that fit your demands really takes some work.

    kinds of hinges

    There are two essential elements of hardware: commercial door hinges and residential door hinges, because the hinges play an important role in connecting many kinds of heavy objects of the doors and help them to be easy to rotate. Gradually, these hinges we referred to as heavyweight ball-bearing, anti-friction bearing, and heavyweight hinges.

    Different Hinges have its own and specific design to meet the different demands of heavy door in high traffic areas. A give-knuckle, ball-bearing or heavyweight hinge always typically be demanded for commercial using. This, however, is not the typical case because heavy-duty doors exist in only particular places.

    So how do you determine whether you need a heavy-duty or a standard hinge for your commercial or residential doors? Let's see how below.

    door hinge

    Let's look at the standard, select categories:

    COMMERCIAL GRADE HEAVY-DUTY (LL)– doors falling in the low-frequency category that weigh up to 1000 lb must use the HD hinges, along with additional fastener holes. We recommend using riv-nuts in the door and frame if the door is complete, extremely heavy or taller than the average doors.

    COMMERCIAL GRADE HEAVY-DUTY-you must use heavy-duty hinges for doors that fall into the high-frequency category and weigh up to 200 lb. Doors weighing around 400 lb and falling in the medium-frequency category will also benefit from heavy-duty hinges. Similarly, you may use heavy-duty hinges for 600 lb or low-frequency doors.

    RESIDENTIAL GRADE - STANDARD DUTY =you may use the standard duty hinges if your door weighs 200 lb or is a medium-frequency door.

    Weight and load capacity are not the same thing

    Your door's load capacity and weight are easy to manage if you choose the hinges in right size, which certainly prevents many unnecessary processes from occurring, especially those that could weaken the frame structure and your door and be visually unbecoming.

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