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    How to choose trailer part?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 01-04-2020      Origin: Site


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    After more than 30 years of development, China's hardware industry has become more mature and has occupied an important position in the world market. At present, the production of many hardware products in China ranks among the top in the world. Have a good sales record. At the same time, after years of development, the characteristics of the development of China's hardware industry cluster have gradually become prominent.

    China is one of the world's major hardware producers, and has become the world's largest hardware processing and exporting country, with a vast market and consumption potential. With the development of society and economy, under the new situation of the hardware industry, cluster development also has obvious characteristics.Trailer ring is one kind of trailer parts,which is common in our lives.


    This article contains the following:

    • Classification of trailer ring

    • Precautions

    • Development Trend of hardware industry


    1.Classification of trailer ring

    External / hidden trailer ring

    The trailer ring of general vehicles is also divided into concealed type and external type. The external type is generally used on rougher off-road models, while the built-in trailer ring is most commonly used for image-conscious family cars. The concealed type is designed for the beauty of the overall design. The trailer hook is designed inside the bumper. Generally, cars in cities are used more. Therefore, before use, you must first open the decorative cover, and then manually install the trailer ring above the car to use it. Because the chance of use is very small, some friends don't even know the location of their hidden trailer ring.



    This type of trailer ring must be fastened in place during the installation process. It is recommended to use a wrench to tighten the ring inside the ring. The following are common installation methods of hidden trailer rings. It should be reminded here that the thread of the trailer ring of the general vehicle is opposite to the towing angle. This is to ensure that the trailer will not loose due to the angle of the force during the towing process, resulting in drag Danger occurred during the process. Avoid being affected by the force of the tow rope, the tight tow rope will fly back with the tow ring and hurt the surrounding people or vehicles.

    The trailer ring on most vehicles is only one on the front and the back, and some models with higher tonnage (such as SUV) will reserve two tow ring installation positions on the front and rear collision steel beams. This is to facilitate the rescue of one vehicle by two vehicles at the same time and reduce the difficulty of rescue.


    3. Development Trend of hardware industry

    China's hardware industry cluster development is divided into three types. The first is a long history, the second is an industrial agglomeration, and the third is a market development. Each of these three types of industrial clusters has its advantages and has formed its own advantages and characteristics. Not only has made great contributions to the local area, but it is also an important pillar force to support the development and growth of China's hardware industry and go abroad.

    The advantages of industrial clusters are very obvious. It can effectively solve the problems of excessive management costs and agency costs, and avoid the problems of high transaction costs and logistics costs caused by long-distance exchanges. Industrial clusters are conducive to the deep division of labor among enterprises, and deep division of labor is conducive to specialization and refinement, which is conducive to improving efficiency and technical innovation. At the same time, it is favorable for attracting investment, which is also conducive to saving transaction costs, and it is easier to stimulate competition awareness.

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