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    How to choose welding helmets and gloves

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 25-02-2021      Origin: Site


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    There are many different options when choosing welding helmets and gloves. Many products are similar in appearance but different specifications, so it is difficult to understand the price difference. Factors such as viewing area size, sensor and optical level are all factors that need to be considered. We outline the key things to consider when choosing welding helmets and gloves, and how we choose the top ten automatic blackening welding helmets on the market today.


    Here is the content list:

    • Pay attention to the materials when choosing welding helmets.

    • Pay attention to functionality when choosing welding helmets

    • Pay attention to safety when choosing welding helmets


    1. Pay attention to the materials when choosing welding helmets

    If you wear welding helmets and gloves for several hours at a time, the weight of the helmet will be an important factor. Heavier welding helmets will put more pressure on your neck, and even if you don't feel so heavy the first time wearing welding helmets, you may feel very painful.


    • Viewing area

    If you often weld incorrectly or need to look at a larger area, the size of the viewing area may be very important. Some welding helmets are longer, some helmets have a larger field of view. Any welding helmets close to 4" x 3" are regarded as large fields of view, while 3.5" x 1.75" helmets are regarded as small fields of view.


    • Optical grade

    All auto-darkening welding helmets lenses have been tested and quality assessed, and have optical grades. This corresponds to the visual clarity through the glass. The automatic darkening lens is evaluated in four sharpness categories and four numbers are given, which are 1, 2 or 3, with 1 being the best.


    • Arc sensor

    When choosing welding helmets, the number of arc sensors in auto-darkening welding helmets should be considered. The sensor detects the flash when it is working and darkens the helmet in less than a second to protect the eyes. Generally, cheaper sensors will have two or fewer sensors, while more advanced models will have three or four.


    • welding helmets power supply

    The welding helmet is powered by solar energy, lithium batteries or a combination of both. Generally, it is best to use the two together, as this will extend the battery life of the welding helmet, which means that if one power source runs out, you can still rely on the other power source. If your welding helmet uses batteries, the main consideration is whether the power source is replaceable. Welding helmets that only use replaceable batteries are good, because you can install the batteries and use the helmet immediately.


    2. Pay attention to functionality when choosing welding helmets

    • Sensitivity control

    Most auto-darkening welding helmets can set the minimum brightness value that triggers darkening. This manual option is very useful if you want to weld at a lower current intensity and may need to increase sensitivity. If you work in an environment with other welders and a large number of arcs, that's also great. You can add the function of reducing the sensitivity here so that it will not be triggered by other people's arcs.


    • Lens hood options

    The auto-darkening welding helmets lens will provide a variety of shadows. The more shadows, the more flexible the application. If you constantly change the settings and processes, then you will benefit from a range of shade options. The 9-13 shadow is normal, but if you use a low current, it is difficult to see the arc, then the 6-13 shadow is a good choice.


    • Lens reaction time

    The lens reaction time of welding helmets refers to the speed at which the lens changes from bright to dark after the arc starts. The lens will change in less than a second, and the best professional lenses have a rated speed of up to 1/20,000 second.


    3. Pay attention to safety when choosing welding helmets

    • personalise

    There are many different styles of welding helmets on the market, with artwork that can help you show your personality, and can provide more different colors, not just classic gray or black. You can also get graphic designs such as logos, eagles and flames. They are all popular styles of welding helmets. When you choose to buy helmets, you will sometimes find that they are alternative colors.


    • safety standard

    The ANSI standard requires welding helmets to provide adequate and adequate protection for those wearing helmets. There are strict test requirements and welding helmets must be passed to meet ANSI national safety standards, including protection against ultraviolet, infrared, impact and temperature.


    • price

    The price of welding helmets ranges from the cheap $40 to the high-end $800. If you have a fixed budget, then this will obviously help you choose, but usually, more expensive helmets will be better helmets. We have listed a series of welding helmets suitable for different budgets, ranging from low-end to high-end. We believe that all the helmets we provide within a certain price range have a certain value and are the best in that price range.


    RF is changing security through smart solutions and high-quality welding helmets and gloves that work smarter, so your employees can stay safe anytime, anywhere. Our industrial safety products can help you stay away from danger and protect your hands or eyes during industrial work.

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