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How to install round hinges

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Round hinge, a type of weld hinge, is usually used on doors or lids, aiming to connect two metal objects as well as enable them to rotate with a limited angle. Round hinge is of great importance in many aspects of our lives, including gardening and farming. How to install this indispensable tool? Methods will be taught in this article to help you install round hinges successfully. Either installing a new round hinge or replacing the old one is invaluable to manufacturers.



- What is round hinge

- How to install round hinges



What is round hinge

Round hinge belongs to a kind of weld hinge. Therefore, round hinges have similar functions as weld hinges, including supporting all the doors as well as connecting two metal objects together and enable them to rotate. Round hinge is a popular hardware in industrial manufacturing.



How to install round hinges

First look at the welding position of the door shaft; if there are walls on both sides, it can be directly fixed on the wall. If it is installed in the middle of the iron door, it can be fixed by column. If the iron door is very large, the embedded parts need to be laid in advance to ensure stability and safety. Secondly, pay attention to the welding process; iron door shaft welding is generally to find the groove to do full welding. Low current was used for rapid welding and deformation bending test was carried out. The welding points shall be firm, and the welding parts shall be free from burning through, false welding and slag inclusion.


Precautions for welding large iron door shaft:

1. It is better to weld a little bit higher, because the big iron door is relatively heavy, and the door shaft is more stable.

2. During full welding, multi-point intermittent welding should be adopted to control heat input and prevent deformation.

3. The iron door is easy to be punctured by welding. If necessary, the fixed tie bar can be added and removed after aging for a period of time after welding.

4. If the iron door is particularly large, it must be embedded parts, otherwise it is easy to deform and loosen in the later stage.

5. After welding, the deformation and bending test must be done. If there is any problem in the test, it needs to be focused on.


The preheating and anti-deformation measures should be taken during the welding of large iron gate. The welding of iron gate should start from the structure with large stress, and the welding sequence cannot be continuous.

For example, for a rectangular door, you can weld the left side first, and then weld it twice, respectively from both sides to the middle. Then weld the right side, the same way from both sides to the middle. If the iron door has upper and lower sides, the upper side can be welded first and the lower side last.



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