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    Types of Common Hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 22-09-2022      Origin: Site


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    In this article, I’ll share some hot selling hinges for you. Hope it will be greatly beneficial to help you work better in terms of hinges.


    This red stuff is actually called a heavy-duty gate hinge. As you guys see, there are several types. Round Mount, Flat Mount and Bolt to post. The Round Mount is designed for mounting to a round post on either side. For the flat hinge, you can have it mounted on the flat plate. And some others are designed to BOLT ON but also can be welded on. The adjustable allows it to be mounted on gates with a flexible distance.

    They are built with a dependable roller bearing design, which offers even weight distribution, trouble-free operation, and are fully lubricated. These hinges have a large weld surface, which makes them easy to install and mount. They also come with a grease zerk for easy lubrication. These are usually for a large application. We can often see them welding on the large gates of trucks and trailers.


    A bullet hinge is a great solution for those who have limited space to weld on their doors or frames. Many people choose bullet hinges over other types of hinges because of their cleaner appearance. Usually, They consist of three parts: body, pin and bushing. Our bullet hinges can be available in aluminum and stainless steel with brass or steel. These bullet hinges are of high quality and they are built to last, so they are great for attaching metal doors to frames and enclosures and you don’t have to replace them often. Different sizes are also available for you to choose from according to different applications. Versatile hinges are often used for gates, BBQ pits, and containers. Can be welded on as a lift-off hinge or permanently mounted.

    kinds of hinges


    This female hinge is designed to attach to the gate post allowing the gate to swing open.

    Our RF female hinge is made of carbon steel, a kind of common material in hardware, cheap raw material but strong enough. Here are two options for you: bolt-on & weld. These female hinges are treated with zinc, which allows them to work well even in a humid environment. That’s to say, we can install them outdoors or even in rainy areas. That is exactly what the zinc layer is for. In terms of surface treatment, they are available in hot dipped galvanized and zinc plated.

    How to choose the right size for application is really a greatly crucial issue. There are two sizes deserving attention. One is the OD of the pipe which will be inserted into the end part. And the other one is the diameter of another larger hole. Only when you buy the right size, can it match your application. If the ready stock is not the size you are looking for, we support customization as well.

             STRAP HINGE

    Common Use: Trailer Doors or Gates. Includes zinc washer, hex head cap screw with lock nut, and plastic bushing.

    Our RF hinge strap is made of thick raw steel for strength and long-lasting durability. An optional steel bushing is available. Optional steel bushing is sold separately for extra durability. The plain finish is ready for welding. The strap leaf is made to swivel on a bolt, ideal for trailer gates and doors. A zerk fitting is mounted in the middle for simple greasing.


    It’s made of top-grade stainless steel. The two-part type is a metal piece that connects the two parts of doors, windows, and cabinets and enables them to move. They offer a compact, strong and attractive way to attach metal doors to metal frames, so this is a versatile hinge that can be used to hang doors, windows, shutters, and many more projects.

    For more detailed information about the above hinges, or more types of hinges, welcome to visit our website: https://rfinternational.en.alibaba.com/ and contact our sales, who are at 24h service for you.

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