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Usages and notes for using lashing rings

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Lashing ring, as its shape is similar to the alphabet letter “D”, is also popularly known as D ring. Lashing ring is a very important spare part in many industrial fields. This article will mainly talk about the functions of lashing rings. The applications discussed in this passage will be mainly restricted in farming, gardening and industries.


- What is lashing ring

- Application of lashing rings



What is lashing ring

Lashing rings are used to secure the load and the corresponding workload limits shall not be exceeded. As expected, the lashing ring can swing freely after being fixed. Lashing rings can have different composition, geometry, weight, finish and load (rated) capacity. These lashing rings are very suitable for cargo applications such as overseas container transportation or long-distance transportation of bare parts. Lashing ring ties with high strength steel structure and they are famous for their high strength and long life. But remember, the lashing ring is only used for loadbearing fixing and binding and cannot be used for high-altitude hoisting. Otherwise, some accidents may happen.



Application of lashing rings

Lashing rings have a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing. Lashing rings can be used in large electrical appliances, machinery and other freight cargo of utility companies. Lashing rings use your load restraint and ratchet straps to fix and transport the goods.


Some common usages of lashing rings are:

1. Lashing rings can be used for light load applications. In this situation, lashing rings are often made of robust cast metal, durable nickel plating polished to mirror finish so that they are lighter than iron cast lashing rings and do not easily rust.

2. In regard to the usages of lashing rings in farming, they can be used as a drill ring used on a spur. Also, lashing rings can be considered as a part of the saddle.

3. Lashing rings can be installed on trucks or on grounds in manufacturing process.

4. In industrial transportation, lashing rings are generally used as a classic cargo anchor. To be more specific, lashing ring acts as a reliable, versatile and simple tie-down anchor which is not suitable for overhead lifting.



In general, lashing rings are very useful in a number of industrial activities. Lashing rings can be applied in a variety of scenes, and are generally utilized as a suspension, connection, or tie-down spare parts. If you are thinking of buying lashing rings,Weld on Hinges,Trailer parts please contact RF industrial hardware.

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