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    What are the trailer parts?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 29-06-2020      Origin: Site


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    A truck, commonly referred to as a freight car or a truck, is a vehicle used primarily for transporting goods, and sometimes for towing other vehicles. It belongs to the category of commercial vehicles.Most of the truck can be done using the trailer, divided into semi-trailer and full-trailer, trailers are used widely in our lives, when the truck is using as the trailer , they usually need to add trailer parts to connect to the vehicle, different trucks have different trailer parts, but the difference is not big. This article mainly introduces what are the trailer parts.

    This article contains the following:

    Trailer ring

    Repair of trailer hinges

    Welding repair of reinforcing plate at hinge


    1.Trailer ring

    The trailer ring, as the name suggests, is a fastener for trailers. It is used to drag the vehicle through the connection with the car body and the trailer rope or towbar to drive the vehicle out of trouble. Trailer rings are usually located on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle. There are external and built-in. Common large SUVs are domineering, but many people don’t like it. Household cars are usually built in more, which does not affect the appearance of the vehicle. Usually, the trailer is placed in the trunk, and it is installed at the fastening screw port reserved on the bumper when in use.

    Specific location of the trailer ring. First look at the exterior, the exterior is generally on the lower edge of the bumper, it is easy to find it carefully. The built-in concealed point is slightly more complicated. Usually, the connection point of the trailer ring is set inside the bumper. Usually, the decorative cover covers the bumper to form an integrated bumper. When necessary, open the decorative cover. This type of trailer ring is usually placed in the trunk or spare tire compartment. We can familiarize ourselves with the location of the connection point between the trailer ring and the bumper by checking the manual of the car to prevent it from starting in case of emergency.


    2. Repair of trailer hinges

    Due to the large stress on the hinge, the spot weld between the shell and the reinforcing plate is cracked. The welding repair method is described as follows according to different situations:

    1. When the crack is long, first weld the cracks on both sides of the original welding point, then heat the reinforcing plate at the spot welding point to a certain degree, and finally melt the inner and outer layers of the original welding point, and weld the electrode slightly. together.

    2. When the crack is short, lower the welding torch, and the flame directly hits the spot welding point, so that the inner and outer layers heat up quickly. If the outer layer has melted and the temperature of the reinforcing plate is not enough, you can raise the welding torch for a moment to stop The heat of the outer layer is transferred to the reinforcing plate and then burned. When both layers are melted, the welding rod is slightly welded. At this time, pay attention to the inclination angle of the welding tip and the size of the flame. It is necessary to prevent the temperature of the reinforced plate from being insufficient, the melting is not good, and the welding is not strong; It is difficult to make up and affects quality. In the welding repair in the above two cases, in order to weld firmly, a special tool can be used to hold the hinge from the outside to lock the outer layer and the reinforcing plate tightly. The welding can be strong and flat, and it is conducive to flattening to restore the original shape. In addition, 1 or 2 points should be added to the upper and lower ends of the hinge to make the inner and outer layers firmly connected to prolong the service life. If the lower hinge is seriously damaged, a telescoping rod is used to push the reinforcing plate outward from the inside of the door shell to make it close to the outer layer and easy to weld.


    3. Welding repair of reinforcing plate at hinge

    1. If the crack of the reinforcing plate is not long, the range is not large and there is no deformation, you can use 50 ~ 75 welding nozzles to pass through the outer bolt holes to melt the crack, and then add a small amount of low carbon steel electrode to weld and level it. Before welding, the cracks should be aligned and aligned. When welding, the molten pool should be burned as deep as possible, but the welding knob on the back should not be penetrated to achieve both firmness and flatness.

    2. If the reinforcing plate has a longer crack, a wider range or deformation, and it is not easy to repair through bolt holes, you can use a hacksaw to pry up the outer iron sheet. If the side of the door is not deformed, it can be repaired directly by welding. If there is a deformed or bent person on the right side of the door, it should be corrected and reset before welding repair.

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