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    What is a Spring Hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 17-06-2022      Origin: Site


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    A spring hinge is a self-closing hinge that automatically closes two connected work-pieces using a spring loaded into the hinge cylinder. They are used in a wide variety of products such as eyeglasses, cabinet doors, box lids and hand tools. The strength and durability of spring hinges make them ideal hardware for opening and closing devices.

    Spring hinges are used on standard commercial doors and are made of wood or metal. The spring of a spring hinge is located in the barrel and applies pressure to the two wings of the hinge to bring them together or apart. The spring hinge is delicately designed so that its tension can be adjusted to individual needs, so the door or lid can move or rotate as needed.

    Types of Spring Hinges

    A common device used to automatically close doors is a piston-operated door closer located at the top of the door. Most door closers have an air cylinder that automatically closes the door. In some cases, there may be two door closers, one at the top and one at the bottom. Although large door closers are efficient and effective, they are bulky, bulky, and take up space in the door.

    Spring door hinges with the same function as door closers can be installed on doors and door frames just like standard hinges. They are available in different sizes and tensions to suit the specific needs of the user. The size and strength of spring hinges make them the perfect replacement for larger door closing devices.Standard Spring Hinge

    Standard spring hinges have the same appearance as butt hinges or hinges mounted on the adjoining surfaces of door frames and doors. In order to turn a standard butt hinge into a spring hinge, the spring is placed in the joint in the critical part of the hinge and can be adjusted using an Allen key.

    When a door with a spring hinge is opened, it triggers the spring, which forces the door to close. The simplicity of this design makes spring hinges less expensive and more practical than other door closing methods.


    Spring Loaded Piano Hinges

    A piano hinge is a long, continuous hinge that is 4 to 6 feet or more in length. In piano hinges or spring loaded piano hinges, the springs can be located at various points along the length of the hinge, but starting at the mid-joint. Spring piano hinges are used for partitions, bathroom cubicle doors and other lightweight long panels.


    Spring Strap Hinge

    Strap hinges have one or two long metal straps that form the wings of the hinge. They are a non-mortise and tenon hinge that attaches to doors and posts, walls, door frames or other solid surfaces. The purpose of the long strap is to provide additional support and stability to the connecting portion of the door, as well as to provide a large mounting surface. Like surface mount hinges, spring strap hinges have non-removable pins and are always installed in pairs.Adjustable Spring Hinge

    Various types of spring hinges are mostly adjusted with an Allen key, which is the easiest and most common method. The spring hinge has a hex hole at the end or top of the spool, allowing the spring in the spool to adjust its tension. If the Allen key is turned clockwise, the spring in the hinge is compressed. By turning the hex screw, the tension on the spring can be increased or decreased to change the speed at which the door closes.

    Concealed Spring Hinges

    Concealed spring hinges, or invisible hinges, are invisible, have a sleek aesthetic appearance, and stand out for security because of their tamper-resistant design. An implicit hinge construction including cups and arms. The spring of the hidden hinge is located in the arm. When the cabinet door is opened, the spring stretches and twists, causing the cabinet door to close. The type of concealed hinge used in the cabinet depends on the design and construction of the cabinet.

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