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    What is the difference between wheels and casters?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 29-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    At RF, with Personalized service. Effective communication and Best solution. We have provided services for agriculture, manufacturing, construction, milling and waste management industries.


    Here is the content list:

    What exactly is a wheel?

    What is the difference between casters and wheels?

    Which wheels can we choose in RF?


    What exactly is a wheel?

    The grinding wheel is one of the six classic simple machines. The origin of the device is not clear, but its importance was first recognized by the ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes. Engineers have been studying wheels and incorporating them into new technology designs for thousands of years. It is one of the key components of civilization.


    In short, a wheel is a round object with a hole in the middle for an axle or main shaft. It can roll on a flat stable surface (such as the ground or track). This greatly reduces the friction of objects and allows heavier objects to be moved with less energy. RF provides high-quality steel, rubber, plastic and polyethylene wheel, and there are many different current types to choose from, such as V-groove wheel, gate spring rollers, grill wheel, rubber guide roller, and rotating or caster wheel. If you are looking for high load capacity, impact resistance, heat resistance or traction ability, we can provide the required wheel material and design.


    What is the difference between casters and wheels?

    Many people confuse the term "continuous caster" with the term "wheel", but the two are not the same equipment. The limitation of the wheel is that it can only rotate on a single axis. You can only scroll in one direction at a time. Casters add wheels to their design, but they are more complicated. Casters include mounting systems that keep the wheels in place. Some caster wheels can rotate, while others are fixed. Casters can be found almost anywhere in offices and industrial environments. Objects mounted on a set of caster wheel will roll in a straight line or in different directions. Furniture with caster wheel, tool boxes, heavy machinery and waste disposal bins can be moved as needed.


    In most industrial applications, casters are installed on the equipment in two and four. In order to achieve the best balance between mobility and stability, the two rear casters are designed to rotate, while the two front caster wheel are fixed. The swivel caster has a swivel base. In this way, the wheel can rotate around a complete circle that is perpendicular to the rotation of the wheel axis. This helps to change the direction of the rotation axis of the wheel itself. Objects on rotating caster wheel can be pushed in any direction along the ground.


    The fixed caster wheels are fixed in place. They will not rotate or allow the wheels to change direction. This allows one side of the object to point in one direction predictably, but the other side can be steered wherever the operator wishes. Casters must do more than just rotate. They also support the weight of objects, and they must move on the ground or the surface of the floor without being interrupted. The construction materials of casters and wheels must meet the application requirements.


    Which wheels can we choose in RF?

    Our wheels and caster wheels are carefully designed to withstand the most demanding applications, from steel sliding doors, heavy machinery to manufacturing, etc., and are very suitable for various industries. At RF, we resolutely defend our core values of excellent quality and customer satisfaction by designing and manufacturing high-quality wheels. RF industrial caster wheels are always the best. Come and share your thoughts with us!


    Always need maintenance at some point. Even the strongest mechanical parts wear out and need to be replaced. The sunken surface of the wheel makes it difficult to roll. Damage to the rotating parts of the caster will reduce stability and mobility. In some cases, a piece of equipment should be customized for a new application.


    If the rolling surface of a new part of the factory is different, or the machine is reused for other processes, the wheels may not be suitable. The removable caster pad makes it easy to replace the caster wheels set. The mounting surface is fixed on the actual hardware of the device. The bottom of the caster wheels is slid into the grooved track and secured by locking bolts. They are firmly fixed and can be slipped off for inspection, repair or customization with a single tool.


    Your equipment should simplify your industrial processes and be the most cost-effective. Pushing equipment on worn wheels is a job you don't need. Upgrade new casters to improve your machine functions. At RF, we provide replacement parts for improving or repairing equipment. Whether you only need a single caster wheels to damage the equipment or the entire equipment, we can help you.we also have Gate Guide Roller, V-Groove Wheel contact us now!

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