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    What is the latch solution do you need?

    Author: Cynthia Chen     Publish Time: 27-09-2020      Origin: Site


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    What is the latch solution do you need?

    The function of the latches is keep objects secure in the closed position. RF Industrial Products offers a wide selection of latches and supplies for all your metal or wooden gates, truck trailers, tool boxes and heavy duty machines. We have many different styles for your choice, such as spring loaded latches, toggle clamps, barrel bolt latches, bar gate latches, slam action latches, lockable latches, trailer latches and so on. Some latches are key-locking while others can simply be locked with a padlock or another device. Gate bolts and locks can make any area more secure and hard to access, which is ideal for anyone who has young children, pets, or livestock. Let the architecture of your home guide the choices you make in designing your gate.

    What is the latch solution do you need?

    Spring Latch: Spring latches are great for shed doors, trailer ramps, gates, fence and more. Pins allow the latch to be locked in open position and handle cover for easy pulling and turning. They are usually used in metal or wood applications, which are strong and durable, making them ideal for outdoor use with outside doors and gates–making sure they remain secure.  

    Gate Latches: We manufacture many models of door & gate latches and both are available in assorted sizes depending on your requirements. RF Gate Latches are a traditional device with a new, simple design that you can count on. Some popular styles as follows:Slam Action Gate Latches,Heavy-duty Bar Gate Latches, Slide Bolt Lockable Latches, Barrel Bolt Latches,Toggle Clamps. 

    Lockable Latch:  We are proud to offer a range of lockable latches for your metal or wooden gate, including slide bolt lockable latches, lockable bar gate latches, heavy-duty double lockable latches, barrel lockable latches and so on. Weld on and bolt on type are for your choice.

    RF Gate Latch Features

    ●Our latches are constructed from a solid piece of high quality steel.

    ●They are powder-coated in an attractive & durable black matte finish.

    ●They're easy to install and operate, easy to lock and unlock, and function perfectly in cold and icy conditions. No need to remove your gloves in cold weather!

    ●Highly versatile, our door and gate latches can be used for doors & gates that swing or slide to the left or right when being opened.

    Shopping for your farm or ranch? We offer a variety of spring-loaded animal bolts, throw-over loop latches for double gates, heavy-duty barn door latches, and stall-type latches for livestock enclosures. No matter the kind of gate you have at home, we can help you find a safe and secure solution for a competitive price. Also RF provides customized service and develop more new lockable latches for you. Whatever you may need, we should have it.  

    Which material works with your latches and locks?

    Our latches are made from two main material—stainless steel, and steel. With design styles ranging from simple to ornamental, you'll be sure to find the perfect gate latch for your gate. We offer a wide range of metal finishes, so you can find a solution that complements your existing hardware or gives your gate a touch of sophistication. HDG and zinc are also commonly used for contemporary fencing, because their silvery appearance looks great against chain link, metal and wood fence materials.

    In this category, we also carry an assortment of spring loaded latches, toggle clamps, barrel bolt latches, bar gate latches, slam action latches, lockable latches, trailer latches and so on. If you have any questions about our selection of latches and locks, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance.

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