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These are related to the gate latch news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in gate latch and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand gate latch market.
  • A brief Introduction to gate latch


    There are many different options when you’re in the market for a way to secure your fence. You’ll first want to understand the various categories of fence gate latches available and how each model works.Next, it’s important to choose a material that works with your existing fence, and that provides the level of security you desire.Finally, installation and budget are considerations for the project.This article will introduce gate latch to you. Read More

  • How to Install gate latches?


    Gate latch is also a piece of hardware in our lives, so this kind of thing is not very common, but it helps us a lot. It used to be very common, and it's still widely used. Gate latch can be seen in the garden,in the fence and in the ranch. This article is about how to install garden gate latches. Read More

  • How to Use a Toggle Latch


    Before we start to discuss how to use a toggle latch, let’s talk about something basic that you need to know at the beginning.As we all know, Equipments and tools plays an extremely significant role in the carpentry and industry. Among numerous kinds of tools, a toggle latch is one of the most vital Read More

  • What is the Latch and how to stall a gate Latch?


    What is the Latch and how to stall a gate Latch?The door latch may be a little bit strange to young people, but it is certainly the most familiar household item for the older generation. So what is the door Latch? In fact, the door latch is a sliding bolt inserted in the door which impede the door t Read More

  • What is the difference between a latch and a bolt?


    The front door of an ordinary house usually has two locks: a latch (a spring latch in the locking mechanism of the door handle) and a bolt (usually located above or below the door handle). Each of these locks is a means of securing the door and preventing intruders, but what is the real difference between them? Which one is better? The following is a more detailed description of how latches and bolts differ and the advantages and disadvantages of each device. Read More

  • What are the outstanding advantages of latch and lock?


    What are the outstanding advantages of latch and lock?RF provides a variety of latches and locks and consumables for all your metal or wooden gates, truck trailers, tool boxes and heavy machinery. We provide a variety of styles for you to choose from, such as spring latch, toggle clamp, barrel bolt Read More

  • Difference between the Spray-paint and Powder coating


    Difference between the Spray-paint and Powder coating Read More

  • How do latches work?


    Latches including Gate Latch, Spring Latch are often forgotten in the design of houses, but they fall into the essential landscape element category and can make any area safer and more inaccessible, ideal for anyone with small children, pets or livestock. How do gate latches work? What is so special about the widely used spring latch? Read More

  • What is the latch solution do you need?


    What is the latch solution do you need?The function of the latches is keep objects secure in the closed position. RF Industrial Products offers a wide selection of latches and supplies for all your metal or wooden gates, truck trailers, tool boxes and heavy duty machines. We have many different styl Read More

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