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    What is the use of weld on hinges

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 14-10-2020      Origin: Site


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    Hinges are the most important part of any door. Among the many types of hinges entering the market today, one of the most commonly used and most popular is welded hinges. What is hinge welding? What features make them popular in many applications?


    What is weld on hinges?

    What are the characteristics of weld on hinges

    in conclusion


    What is weld on hinges?

    Welding hinges, also known as lifting hinges, the name of this hinge is self-evident. Unlike other types of hinges that are bolted in place, the weld on the hinge is welded to another metal surface. Welded hinges are also called weldable hinges, barrel hinges or lift-off hinges. Weld on hinges provides a strong, compact and attractive way to fix metal doors to metal frames for electrical, agricultural, security, truck trailers, heavy tool boxes, steel doors and many other needs. Generally, they are used for permanent applications that cannot be moved or tampered with. Because it should be used permanently, most builders and contractors choose to perform heavy welding on the hinges. This kind of hinge has a longer service life than other hinges, so it needs to be used for a long time, so it is more attractive. In metal applications, it is also the most widely used hinge because of their simple shape and design and can be used for many types of materials. Our current models use a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum as well as steel, brass and stainless steel pins, and materials with or without grease . Many hinges can be customized to meet your individual needs. When fasteners are not required, these hinges are very suitable for welding on metal doors and covers.


    When it comes to the surface treatment of weld on hinges, there are a lot of changes. Although names are largely standardized across the industry, there are many factors that can make the same look different from product to product. Many of the finishes are lacquered. There is no standardization of which tones to use, resulting in color differences between different manufacturers. Another factor that can change the appearance of a coating is the product's base material. In general, finishes coated with high quality materials have a richer palette. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine and consider any possible surface changes when mixing different metals and/or manufacturers. Some finishes are simply a change in the material itself. For example, raw stainless steel naturally has a dull gray tone, but the material can be polished using a fine sand belt to produce a uniform brush stroke on the surface, resulting in attractive satin stainless steel. A polished (also known as a mirror) surface is obtained in a similar manner, but the material is polished so finely with a polishing tool that the surface is essentially reflective.


    What are the characteristics of weld on hinges

    1. Weld on hinges are strong and load-bearing, which is ideal for use cases that require heavy doors or greater reinforcement. Welded hinges can also align better and prevent bending from side to side.

    2. Weld on hinges can be easily disassembled, which means that in addition to providing an attractive way to connect metal doors, these hinges are also strong, compact and durable.

    3. Weld on hinges ensures good lubrication between the two independent parts of the steel welded hinge, thereby reducing wear and ensuring smooth turns

    4. Weld on hinges provides a clean, smooth appearance. When it comes to any project or application, it is important to choose the right hinge type.


    in conclusion

    The hinge acts like a bridge between the door and the door frame. It firmly fixes the door to the frame and prevents it from popping out. There are a variety of weld on hinges on the market today, each with different designs, features and functions. Based on this, they are used in various applications.  If you are looking for high-quality weld on hinges at reasonable prices, RF International offers a wide range of weld on hinges products in a variety of styles like Adjustable Hinge, Barrel Hinge.

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