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Why do some hinges need grease zerk?

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In hinge products, we usually see a phrase such as grease zerk. What does it do? And how to use it?

Grease, as the name implies, is the grease that helps to lubricate, and zerk is the vessel that holds the grease.

In certain structures of hinges, in order to lubricate the spool and reel and reduce friction, it is necessary to add grease between them. In addition, in the case of insufficient machining precision, the gap between the hinge core and spool is large. If grease is not added, the hinge page wobbles a lot, so grease is added to compensate.

Lubricate the door as follows:

1.First open the door. The door should be opened to a position perpendicular to the door frame. You can see the hinges at the position of the door post. The general door has at least 2 hinges.

2.Take the lubricant, use special lubricant, using a syringe to the inside of the hinge. A round post, add lubricant from above. Be careful not to add too much.

3.All the hinges are added once after the lubricant, you need to switch the door a few times. Make the lubricant into the contact gap of the hinge. In this way, repeat adding twice, usually there is no rattle.

If you need the hinge with the grease zerk, feel free to contact me via the homepage.

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