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    How to choose high-quality rigging hardware

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-12-2020      Origin: Site


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    Finding and purchasing the best rigging hardware can be a daunting task. There are many different brands, sizes and types of rigging on the market. How do you decide to get the best price and choose the best product? What is the most important factor in choosing rigging?


    What is the rigging hardware?

    Why is a selection of high-quality rigging hardware so important?

    What is the most important factor in choosing rigging?


    What is the rigging hardware?

    Rigging equipment refers to the equipment and components used to safely lift and manipulate objects and is part of a planning system implemented by a group of rigging workers. This includes various components for security and the distribution of the problem load to facilitate the moving process and ensure successful completion. Industries that often require rigging services include construction, engineering and event preparation. As with all lifting operations, the safety of the public and employees should be the primary concern in lifting and rigging operations.


    Why is a selection of high-quality rigging hardware so important?

    1. The quality of the materials you use can have a big impact on the outcome of a project. Regardless of the size of your budget, it is important to use high quality industrial rigging hardware and equipment, especially for overhead lifting applications. Using cheap or poor quality equipment is extremely dangerous and can even endanger the safety of employees. Many of the most common injuries and deaths of construction workers are directly related to equipment problems. According to a recent crane safety survey, 37 percent of accidents are caused by swinging loads or unstable loads falling on people. Twenty-seven percent of these injuries were caused by improper rigging manipulation - causing cargo to fall or slip off the sling.

    2. The use of lower quality rigging and overhead lifting equipment increases the risk of failure and puts the health and safety of the entire team at risk. Choosing reliable industrial hardware and assembly equipment will greatly improve the results of your products. High-quality tools will last longer, work better, and support more efficient processes.


    What is the most important factor in choosing rigging?

    1. First, you need to calculate the weight of the load that will be used with the hardware to ensure that it is within the load limit. Weight load limit (WLL) is the absolute maximum weight the device is designed to withstand without breaking or bending. It's usually best to give yourself some leeway here. Buy hardware that has a rated load limit greater than the load it will use. This ensures the highest level of security.

    2. The environment on the job site also affects the type of hardware materials you will need to use. Some metals rust if they are exposed to rain or moisture. Therefore, if you are using equipment that may be near water or that may rain, then you will need to use stainless steel hardware (natural rust protection) or galvanized finishes. Weather conditions can also cause industrial hardware to wear out faster. Heavy snow, heavy rain, strong winds or hail may sag, scratch or wear materials. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing hardware. If weather conditions in your area are more severe, buy heavy equipment or protective coated rigging.

    3. The hardware and equipment of most rigging are made of steel and are strong in themselves. However, finishing will affect its durability. Bright or raw metals are more likely to be scratched, dented, corroded and rusted, while galvanized or stainless steel has a longer service life.

    4. Some industrial hardware materials will be more durable than others - but this durability usually leads to a higher price. There must be a trade-off when purchasing rigging equipment.


    The quality of the rigging hardware you use will affect the outcome of your work - therefore, you only want to use the best. If you are looking for high-quality rigging hardware at reasonable prices, rf international will provide you with the best products. Our product we have Weld on Hinges, Trailer parts, contact us now!

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