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    Precautions for installation of fence hardware

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 06-01-2021      Origin: Site


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    Fences are good for keeping pets and young children in the yard. They can also keep predators out of gardens and pastures. Installing your own fence hardware can greatly reduce costs, so what should you pay attention to before installing fence hardware?


    What should I do before installing fence hardware?

    How do I install fence accessories?



    What should I do before installing fence hardware?

    1. Measure the area to be fenced. Depending on the size and shape of the area where you want to install fences, you need to figure out how many fences you need to surround a given space. If only decorative fencing is required, measure the length of the side of the yard to be enclosed. If enclosed fences are needed, measure the total area and length on each side.

    2. Please follow all safety instructions on the anti-corrosion label.

    3. Place the posts at each corner of the fence post. Whatever fence you install, it is best to mark every corner of the fence area with a stake. Plant a small stake at each corner to clearly mark the site.

    4. If you have a lot of holes to dig or pile up, consider renting a gasoline-powered hole cutter. The machine needs a strong helper and close attention to safety precautions to avoid injury. Install some gravel. Add 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 centimeters) of gravel to the hole, distributing it evenly across the bottom. This allows proper drainage from the fence posts in bad weather, thus extending the life of the fence itself.


    How do I install fence accessories?

    1. Connect the first two fence posts. Depending on the type of fence you are installing, you may need to install a beam to provide yourself with something to connect a single fence panel to, or you may just set up a large fence panel and insert it into a fence post. Each fence will be different, so if you make your own fence or follow the instructions of the fence kit you purchased, you will need to follow your own plan.

    2. To cut your own panels or fence panels, install a beam with screws between each fence post. You can use an "X" cross pattern or a flat beam parallel to the ground as needed. Cut the fence panel to fit your fence height.

    3. If you are installing prefabricated fences, most panels will be large, but you will need to install a column between each panel, which means you may need to install more columns as you work. You can install one post, attach a panel and support it as you dig into the next post, or install all the posts around before you start inserting the panel.

    4. Secure each panel with screws. At work, it is usually best to secure the panel securely with a two - to three-inch galvanized screw. Support fence panel during operation. Whatever fence you install, it is best to use some support blocks to support the beams so that they do not put pressure on the it while working. You can use  wedges to adjust flat plates.

    5. Continue installing the panel. The most difficult part of installing the fence is digging out the struts and placing them securely in place. After that, all that remains is to fill the rest of the problem with panels or planks. Take the time to measure the perpendicularity of each new panel with the carpenter's horizontal measurement and install it safely as instructed.



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