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What Weld On Hinge Solution Do You Need

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What Weld On Hinge Solution Do You Need?

A weld-on hinge is mounted with a weld instead of fasteners, making it extremely strong and able to support a lot of weight. These hinges are useful on thick metal surfaces where it may be impractical to drill and tap holes, and they offer better alignment, while preventing give from side to side.

Many of our hinges are designed with an extended weld guide, which helps to align the rounded hinge on a flat surface—normally a tricky operation. Once the part is aligned, the hinge can be welded in place just like a standard barrel hinge.

Some hinges come with welded-on brackets or “open wings,” to make mounting and operation in different configurations practical and more efficient. We also offer a three-piece hinge for supporting extremely heavy loads. Some of our weld-on hinges come with a built-in grease fitting for easy lubrication, in order to prevent corrosion, increase part life and allow smoother operation.

We manufacture weld-on hinges in aluminum, stainless steel and steel in a variety of sizes and finishes, and with bushings made of brass or stainless steel. Our hinge pins come in aluminum, brass, stainless steel or steel, in both fixed and removable pin styles. Removable pin weld-on hinges can be used as “lift-off” hinges for removable doors or gates.

Selecting the proper type of hinge is important when it comes to any project or application. It is crucial to remember that a heavy duty weld on hinge is made for a permanent fixture and use. This is not something you can take on and off every once in a while like a bedroom door hinge. There are many different styles of weld on hinges and some are better for certain applications over others which is the same with any type of hardware. Our weld on hinges can be made in a variety of lengths materials and finishes. This customization allows the hinge to be the perfect length, material and size for the application that it will provide for.

If you are looking for a weld on hinge supplier, you came to the right place because RF Industrial Hardware has the largest selection of these weldable hinges. If you do not find the exact hinges you are looking for, RF can supply the perfect custom weld-on hinge for you. Also our customer service team is available to assist you and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.

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