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What is a concealed hinge?

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An concealed hinge, also known as a hidden or European hinge, is a hinge that, when the door is closed, is partially invisible to bystanders. They are often used on cabinet doors to add a nice and continuous look. Most modern concealed hinges are designed to fit on different types of doors and have various features such as soft closing, adjustable arms, and easy removal.

Concealed hinges are also known as cup hinges because this is a cup-shaped piece that goes into the back of the door. Drill holes in the door for flush mounting. This groove also accommodates the arm of the hinge when the door is closed.

concealed hinge

Basic Parts

Unlike the usual barrel and leaf types, the hidden hinge is not composed of a separate barrel and pin. Instead, the pins are already attached to the hinged arms. Implicit hinges consist of three main parts: hinge cup, hinge arm and mounting plate.

Hinge Cup:The hinge cup is the part that is installed on the cabinet door. Typical hole diameters for receiver cups are 26, 35, and 40 mm. The depth of the hole depends on the structure of the hinge arm. The hinge cup has two flanges for screwing the metal on the back of the door.

Hinge Arm: The hinge arm is usually referred to as the main hinge. This is the part where most of the design features are applied. The hinge arm connects the hinge cup mounted behind the door to the mounting plate mounted on the cabinet frame. It comes in different forms depending on the type of cabinet door and the desired stroke or end play.

The hinge cup and hinge arm form the main hinge and are usually assembled together. Therefore, a fully concealed hinge set usually consists of only two separate components: the main hinge and the mounting plate. All-in-one kits are also available for compact applications.

Mounting Plate: Mounting on the edge, side or frame of furniture. It has two or four mounting holes, depending on the weight or load applied to the door. It has grooves, clips or holes to receive the hinge arm.

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