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    What is the purpose of bullet hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 31-03-2021      Origin: Site


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    Bullet hinges, also known as weld on hinges, lift hinges and barrel hinges, provide users with an attractive, compact and sturdy way to connect metal doors to metal frames. These weld on hinges are very convenient for use in enclosures, doors, tool cabinets, agricultural applications, electrical applications, and are very suitable for several other industrial and residential applications.


    Here is the content list:

    What is the manufacturing principle of bullet hinges?

    What is the best fit for bullet hinges?

    What is the bullet hinge made of?

    What functional solutions does RF's weld on hinge provide?


    What is the manufacturing principle of bullet hinges?

    Bullet hinges are usually made of aluminum and stainless steel, with brass, steel, stainless steel pins, with and without grease joints. In addition, they are available in various sizes to ensure that users can install them according to their requirements and convenience.


    What is the best fit for bullet hinges?

    For people who have limited space for welding on the frame or door, barrel or bullet hinges are a good solution. In this case, wide leaf weld on hinges are rarely used. On the other hand, wherever you plan to use bullet hinges, its appearance is cleaner. Such a neat appearance is the main reason why many people prefer bullet hinges over other hinge types.


    In lifting applications, both weld on hinges are aligned with pins pointing in the same direction. On the other hand, in immovable applications, the hinge and the pin point in the same straight line. Therefore, whether you need two pieces or thousands of pieces, our large inventory will be enough to meet your bullet hinge needs.


    What is the bullet hinge made of?

    Bullet hinges or weld on hinges consist of three main parts. These parts are: leaf side (also called concave), pin side (also called convex) and the brush located between the two halves. Steel bullet hinge with brass brush. On the other hand, aluminum bullet hinges and stainless steel bullet hinges are mostly equipped with grease fittings. In most cases, grease fittings are optional.


    The size of the bullet hinge spare parts we can use ranges from 1.5 to 10 of ordinary steel, while the size of aluminum and stainless steel ranges from 1.5 to 8 to 8. These dimensions correspond perfectly to the weld on hinges length and will not cause any problems when welding. You can use barrel-shaped or weld on hinges for immovable doors, or you can use them for doors.


    What functional solutions does RF's weld on hinge provide?

    As mentioned earlier, the use of bullet hinges is not limited to industrial applications. Industries such as electronics, construction, shipping, automobiles, and the Marine Corps also find them very useful. These weld on hinges can also be used in cabs, ships, trailers and truck bodies, traffic light control devices, etc. Safety door, cab housing, tool box, fishing equipment and barbecue grill. Bullet hinges are usually made of aluminum and steel alloys, brass, mild steel, galvanized iron, ordinary iron and stainless steel. No matter which bullet hinge material you like, it can withstand a large load. Most importantly, these weld on hinges are also very suitable for narrow frames.


    If you are looking for a perfect alternative to traditional hinge types, then heavy-duty bullet hinges will be an ideal choice. The bullet hinge is specially made in two halves, and the user can directly weld them on the required surface. As mentioned earlier, these halves are called female and male barrels. This is the main reason why bullet hinges are also called gun barrels or weld on hinges. The barrel composed of pins is a male barrel, and the barrel without pins is called a female barrel. The female barrel is welded on the door and other surfaces. On the other hand, the outer barrel is welded to structural areas such as door frames.


    Since most doors using bullet-type hinges tend to be lift doors, the barrel without pins must be placed on the top. The reason behind this is that most lift gates usually fall, which means that the bottom bucket must have excellent load-bearing quality. The main advantage that lift gates provide users is that you can lift it off the hinge at any time! We also provide Flag Hinge, Flat Hinge, just follow us now!

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