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    what is bullet hinge?

    Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-08-2022      Origin: Site


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    Here we have several RF Bullet hinge, available in stainless steel and aluminum. The kinds of bullet Hinges are weld on hinges, lift off hinges, and barrel hinges, these hinges are usually used for enclosures, gates, tool cabinets, agricultural purposes, electrical purposes, it mainly useful for industrial and residential applications.

    And These hinges just come in variety sizes to ensure that the users can fit them according to their requirements. This one is about 5 mini meters and it can go up to 150 mini meters. This size is gauged from the back to the front. It does not include the grease fitting part noted at front. The grease fitting is available in all RF bullet hinges. It is just basically put there so as to increase the longevity of the hinge and make sure that they are kept greased up and well lubricated so long to last long without ceasing or screeching anything like that. Now let us have a close look at them.


    They consist of three pcs. You have the pcs with the post

    And then you have a small bushing that goes on that post

    And then you have a post hole that goes on the top of the post

    Now these are super strong and you weld on side to the door and one side to the gate post and when you are ready to install, you simply drop the post into the hole.

    You will find largely these welded to not as obvious because they are commonly powder coated after welded on the truck bodies and tool boxes and things like that. Also great for larger applications such as canopy doors.

    Here we also supply Versatile hinges. They are often used for gates, BBQ pits,and containers. Can be welded on as a lift-off hinge or permanently mounted.

    Our round weld on hinges are of the highest quality. They are machined to tight tolerances and specifications. Heavy-duty barrel hinges come with a ball bearing and 1/8” NPT grease zerk. These hinges are heavy-duty with thick or thin weld plates for you to choose from. The very smooth operation makes this hinge perfect for any gate applications. If you fails to the size you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for customization service. We can guarantee that we are the right supplier for you who can produce and source the products and come with the great service .

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