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Something about rigging and cargo

  • What is rigging equipment?


    The function of rigging is to ensure the safety and reliability of the mechanical device for lifting heavy objects. Rigging is a technical trade that requires caution, precision and patience. Coupled with knowledge and experience, rigging relies on high-quality rigging equipment to successfully use cranes, hoists or other lifting devices to create mechanical equipment to lift heavy objects. It is important to invest in high-quality lifting equipment so that the work can be completed perfectly, safely, timely and without complications. Read More

  • Product introduction about turnbuckle


    Turnbuckle is a piece of hardware used to eliminate slack and adjust tension in ropes, cables, or other tensioning systems. They are adjustable devices composed of three main components: the main body, the right-hand threaded end joint and the left-hand threaded end joint. Read More

  • Product introduction about rigging and cargo.


    When you need to relocate, disassemble or replace industrial equipment safely, you need a dedicated rigging and cargo service. RF is your source for safe transportation, experienced installation and overall efficient operations aimed at reducing downtime. Learn more about equipment assembly and how to benefit from working with industry-leading assembly teams. Read More

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