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  • A brief Introduction to gate latch


    There are many different options when you’re in the market for a way to secure your fence. You’ll first want to understand the various categories of fence gate latches available and how each model works.Next, it’s important to choose a material that works with your existing fence, and that provides the level of security you desire.Finally, installation and budget are considerations for the project.This article will introduce gate latch to you. Read More

  • How to Install gate latches?


    Gate latch is also a piece of hardware in our lives, so this kind of thing is not very common, but it helps us a lot. It used to be very common, and it's still widely used. Gate latch can be seen in the garden,in the fence and in the ranch. This article is about how to install garden gate latches. Read More

  • Which is the best weld-on hinge?


    Which is the best weld-on hinge?As far as weld-on hinges are concerned, we may see them everywhere, in gardens, on fences, on trucks, etc., but the difference lies in the different shapes and materials of weld-on hinges. The quality of different weld-on hinges is also different. Read More

  • Construction Characteristics and Application Fields of Caster Wheel


    In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment needs to be moved, so caster wheel are more and more widely used in the world, almost inseparable from all walks of life. Read More

  • Which Weld-on hinges should I use?


    By understanding RF international co., Ltd., you will find that it is difficult to find the weld-on hinges required for the project, it is difficult to know which hinge is the best, and there are various types of weld-on hinges, understand and know Their characteristics are the way to determine which weld-on hinges are best for a particular project. Read More

  • What is the purpose of welding helmets and gloves?


    Even a brief exposure to arc radiation may damage your eyes, causing symptoms of temporary blindness from burning. Repeated contact may cause permanent injury. When welding or being exposed to a welding arc, always wear appropriate welding helmets and gloves. Read More

  • What is the purpose of bullet hinge?


    Bullet hinges, also known as weld on hinges, lift hinges and barrel hinges, provide users with an attractive, compact and sturdy way to connect metal doors to metal frames. These weld on hinges are very convenient for use in enclosures, doors, tool cabinets, agricultural applications, electrical applications, and are very suitable for several other industrial and residential applications. Read More

  • Toggle Clamps and Workholding Uses


    Woodworkers and machinists often find toggle clamps and workholding devises to be essential tools for turning a simple crafted project into a customized masterpiece. As toggle clamps have very specialized applications, they aren't used as often as C-clamps. However, when it's necessary to solve a tricky clamping problem, toggle clamps may be the better solution. Read More

  • Tips to Select Door Handles for Your Home or Business


    When designing or remodeling your home or business, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made, from which room to remodel to paint colors, trim work, and appliances and fixtures. One decision you’ll have to make regards your door hardware. While this may seem like a minor decision, it truly Read More

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